Win to Nil

One exciting bet type that might have you interested would be a win to nil. A what you say to yourself, and what is that all about? In fact, this type of bet is actually more than one bet rolled into one. As such, to stand victorious and collect the winnings, you need to do a two-part prediction. In essence, you need to combine goal scorers with a clean sheet bet. If you are not sure what we are talking about, please visit both topics in the “Different Betting Types” we have on the main page. With that out of the way. Let’s get you clued up on the new bet and what you have to do in order to bring home a win.

The core of win to nil

As you know by now. Well, that is if you followed all bet types tips so far. Having a bet live for 90 minutes, plus injury time is not easy. However, let’s explain win to nil to its core before we go any further. To its purest form, you need to determine what team will score and what team will not. But at the same time, you also need to say what team will not let any goal in. So say that you back team 1 to bet team 2. But, you also need to say that team 2 will not produce any goals. Which mean that after full time the scoreboard needs to read at least 1-0 to team 1. Although there is no upper limit to the number of goals, team 1 can score. So, the game can end 2-0, 3-0, as long as team 2 don’t to nil

What to look for

There are of course some tell-tale signs to look for when placing a win to nil bet. For instance, how well has the team performed in its goal-scoring capabilities so far this season? How strong is the defence play, and that goes for both team? Although it goes without saying, you always want the team to be strong in both aspects. But it’s well known; some teams struggle to perform its very best against some opponents. Also, to consider, what’s the status of red versus yellow cards? And, are the home or the away team prone to cause situations that may end up in penalty kicks or worse, sent off the pitch. Which of all will have a great impact on the win to nil bet structure.

Adding nil boost the odds

If you are willing to back a team to win to nil the reward for doing it right will be two-fold. For comparison purpose, let’s say that team 1 has odds of 27/20 to win on a 1×2 market. Now, by mixing it up to a win to nil the same prediction, that team 1 will take home the win without letting any goals in is now 24/5. As you can see, the risk versus reward line to walk on is far from thin. But as we informed you before, a 90-minute bet with more than one nominator is not easy to bring home.