Result and both teams to score

In the sports betting market category, goals. The result and both teams to score is one of the options that come with a lot of diversity. And betting on the result and both teams to score can be an easy entry to start combined odds with each other on the same bet slip. As such, this bet type is becoming incredibly more popular with players just starting their sportsbook endeavour. But the question is, is this type of bet and bet build something that will pique your interest? Well, to find out how to get going we suggest reading the outlines we are about to explain.

Yes and no is no more sufficient

We previously covered the bet type, both teams to score. However, by adding a new deciding factor, you can drastically increase your odds on the bet slip. Say that you place a £10 bet on yes, both teams to score to odds of 33/100; therefore, the potential pay-out will be £13,30. But should you add a “result” to the same bet slip making it a saw called “Double” the winnings and odds will increase. So, say that you add a result, like total goals under 2.5 goals to odds of 49/20 to the same bet slip and suddenly you are looking at odds of 9/1 and a possible win of £100. have very good accumulators on a daily basis for this kind of bet.

Know what to combine

However, just because you add a “result” to both teams to score bet slip doesn’t automatically mean a huge increase in odds. And the same match, but replace the result with over 2.5 goals could instead get priced at 3/10. That sums up to total odds of 4/9 potentially giving you a win of £14.60. As such, think twice before adding a nominator to both teams to score. And you need to see what you like to get out of the bet you placed. One scenario where you might like to go from a single bet to a double bet slip could be to get over a minimum odds requirement in free bet promotion without taking on too much of a risk. Well that if the terms and conditions allow this type of combinations. What we are trying to say is, use the combination to your advantage.result and both teams to score

Combinations are endless

All in all, combining a result to both teams to score can be highly lucrative from a player perspective. But it can also be the one thing that changes a winning bet to a losing one in a flash. What evet the case may be, taking your time and look at possible combinations before placing a bet comes as recommended. Also, if you feel on top of your game. You can take the result and both teams to score to its pure essence. Where most bookmakers offer “exact winning margin” in combination with both teams to score. Although it considers a higher level of understanding of sports betting, it can still turn out to be one of the more rewarding combinations. And this is only some of many options you get access to on the sports betting market, result and both teams to score.