Responsible Gambling

In the last year, responsible gambling has been the area many sportsbook operators focused and developed further. Which studies show, actively promote and talk about the somewhat sore subject actually helps the business as a whole. And to enlighten and educate the players on a healthy relationship to online gambling is the cornerstone of a flourishing customer database. Trust us, no operator like to have customers showing signs of transforming innocent fun into a compulsion. This is why the industry collectively has in recent time started to form a unified front and offer more help and support in the area.

Gambling should be a joyful activity

Let’s dissect the meaning of responsible gambling. To start, it’s not a description of the activity in a negative way. In fact, the words simply mean, gamble in moderation. And in a capacity that you can support without feeling bad for doing it. However, just because you feel upset when the bet on your favourite football team didn’t go as you predicted. It doesn’t mean you are developing a gambling problem. It’s could simply be an emotion describing your disappointment of the team’s performance. Although, be sure to take a step back and look at the situation when emotions boil-over. It can, in fact, be an indication of an evolving pattern. But with a simple checklist, you can make a quick self-assessment to see if you are still conducting responsible gambling.

Responsible gambling guidelines are much better today

In its early days of responsible gambling, most operator’s had “don’t chase your losses” as a mantra and preached it as gospel, and that was it. Which proved in retrospect not to be very helpful to the players actually experienced an unhealthy relationship to gambling. But also, the responsible gambling tools we see display today across all operators sites was nonexistent. But what’s more, trying to find any information about the topic took some good investigation skills from the player’s part. Luckily the view of responsible gambling it’s completely different, and operator more or less fights over the top position in social responsibilities, which include responsible gambling. And you will find the tool’s and help well displayed on-site on all serious operator in the UK.responsible gambling

Indication of straying away from responsible gambling

Even if you do not think you are in harm and are sure you practise responsible gambling, take a test. And don’t worry, you will not get flagged by a provider as being in the risk. All tests you can access online from any provider is completely anonymous if nothing else shows. Which of many provides by a 3rd party like GamCare and Be Gamble Aware. Then simply take it from there, did the test reveal anything other than you thought before taking it? Well, then you have to assess the situation at hand. Plus, it doesn’t mean you need to stop for life; you might just need to take a break? Or, you actually did not keep track of the deposit you made. Which all can get regulated and monitored with limits. take problem gambling very seriously and it is very important to get help if you have a problem. The easiest way is to call the freephone helpline on 0808 8020 133.

Support has the help you need

Another way to approach responsible gambling is to talk to customer support. In fact, the support staff have regular refreshment training regarding all aspect of responsible gambling. And all well-recognised operators in the UK have teams specialising in the field. Where they look at individual cases to offer all necessary help and come up with recommendations that will work in the customer’s favour. In the end, both you and the operator will come out as a winner if a potential responsible gambling problem gets caught early on.

Deposit limit

Some of the more used tools connected to responsible gambling are the deposit limit, and its simple to use. All you first have to decide is how much you can afford to spend either in 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. Then input the number you calculated to be ok to spend. And the tool won’t allow you to deposit more money than you deemed ok to use during that period. So as you can see, no need to stress out of a situation that you might be able to take charge of yourself by using a responsible gambling tool like deposit limit.

Love for the game, but can’t get a handle on the bets

Some of the more prominent sportsbook operators have chosen to take a different direction to sports betting and responsible gambling. Where some operator gives you the option to block access to a specific product from your user account. Which will include sports betting and can usually be set to a time period stretching from 24 hours up to 6 months. However, in some cases, this option is not accessible via your account, and a chat with support needs to happen. Either way, this could be a viable option that works for you to get back your gambling under control.

Time out and self-exclusion, know the difference

Muster up the courage to execute a decision can sometimes be daunting. And words like time out and self-exclusion resonate harshly with a player that discovered that just that might be a good idea. Although the two options work in a similar fashion, the way they carry out are far from similar. Take a short break or a time out as it more known as. Is exactly as it sounds, if you don’t want to be able to use the betting account for 24 hours up to 6 weeks you can choose to take a time out. After the period runs out, the account will open automatically.


Do you need a longer break from online gambling and sports betting? Then you can choose to do so by applying a Self-exclusion. Which is similar to the time out with one big difference. Available periods to block your account stretches much further and start from 6 months all the way up to 5 years. But in this case, the account will not activate automatically. Leaving it up to you to contact the operator if you wish to reactivate the account after the set period is over.

Only you know your limit

Reported by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) shows that a bit over 2 million people in the UK suffer from or are at risk to develop a gambling problem. Worth to take note notice of, this number is including all type of gambling and not only online. Which translates roughly into 2% of the population, that might not sound too alarming to you. But, you also have to take into consideration that. If you and your friend’s places bets on a regular bases, the likelihood that you know someone with a gambling problem is significantly higher. So, remember to play responsibly, it should be fun and not frustrating.