New betting sites

To find new betting sites that can rival and or evenly match the top tier ones in the UK can be challenging. However, blindly relying on well-known and established brands will serve and fit your best needs is ill-conceived. And you should really do some investigation and comparison before signing up. In fact, in many cases, new betting sites usually have more attractive and lucrative betting bonuses for its new customers. Although, picking a sportsbook operator solely from what welcome and bonus offer they have could end up in disappointment. So, to make a decision that will work for you in the long run, we have done the legwork for you. And we will disclose some crucial things to think of before committing. And committing being the keyword, as if you find your perfect match from day one, you will reap many benefits in the end.

Always make sure you are on the right side

First of all, when searching for new betting sites always make sure that you are visiting one that has an operating licence. In particular, issued by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Which essentially means that the government body controlling the online gambling sector in the UK has deemed the site trustworthy. Including in areas the operator needs to fulfil to obtain an operating licence is such things as social responsibility and reliable technical applications. But also that they meet the requirement in dispute resolution and anti-money laundering (AML) to mention a few. All and all, the criteria a UK operator needs to meet for operating legally within the UK are hard and closely watched by the UKGC. In the end, the rules and regulations are in place to ensure a safe online experience for you.

Does the new betting sites have your markets

It might sound like trivialities, but you should actually check that the new betting sites house all the football markets you have interest in. Sure you will always see Premier League and The Championship. But are they cover the whole vertical, all the way down to cup competitions playing in England? Plus, if your football interest stretches beyond the UK borders, you also want to check that top markets like La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A are available on the site. However, most new betting sites that are focusing on sportsbook will have a wide football selection stretching from Australia to the US. Nevertheless, checking before signing up comes recommended. What kind of betting bonuses a bookmaker offers, can also make a crucial difference in which bookmaker you choose to bet sports betting sites

Customer service is more important than you think

After you browsed around for new betting sites and finally zeroed it down to a couple that seems to fit your needs. Do they offer the support that you might need in the event of problem or questions? Like, do they have a live chat, social media, email, or do they even offer phone support? Another important aspect could also be, what are the opening hours of the customer-facing operation. Or are you more of an investigation type of person that likes to find the information yourself. Is there a solid FAQ section in place that appeals to you? At first thought, it doesn’t sound that significant with a good support function. But wasting time trying to get answers will eat you in the end. So, if you have two new betting sites equally matching after investigation, pick the one with the best customer support. Simple as that.

New betting sites drinks from the well of knowledge

All of the new betting sites are built and designed by industry experts usually coming from tier-one operators in the UK. Which means, they have a vast amount of knowledge what sportsbook and football fans like to see on the site. Which could include drilled down statistics making it a one-stop-shop for all your football betting. Also, launching a new betting site means that they are not tied down to previous vendor contracts. Allowing them to implement the latest technologies, resulting in a platform that operates smoothly. Giving the punter a much more enjoyable experience, no matter if you are a live or a pre-match bettor. Talking of live betting or free bets, one deciding fact that could play a huge part when choosing new betting sites. Do they offer live streaming of the event you placed your bet on?

The money question

No one likes to have a bad experience with its deposits and withdrawals. So always make sure that the new betting sites have viable options on offer. What you are looking for is payment options that cater for credit and debit cards, like Visa and MasterCard. But also that some of the more popular e-wallets solutions are represented. Including in trusted online payment processors are names like Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller. Equally important is to check the policies for said actions, so no hidden fees or abnormal transaction times reveal itself when it’s time to withdrawal your winnings. Acceptable timeframes are between 24 hours up to 6-7 days, depending on the method you prefer to use.

Apps and mobile on new betting sites

Any serious contender on the sportsbook scene will offer the opportunity for you to place bets while on a mobile device, no exception. Sure, not all of the new betting sites will have a designated downloadable app that works on IOS and Android from day one. However, you will always be able to use the site from a smartphone or tablet. Although, if the operator is not offering a mobile application, it’s only a matter of time. As studies show that more people favour the option of the flexibility that mobile betting offers. So, by all means, if betting on the go with and app is a must for you, make sure the operator offers betting sites

Responsible gaming

One overlooked aspect many people fail to check when searching for new betting sites is what tools does the operator offers in relations to responsible gaming. That should not be confused with the negative charged two words, gambling problem. Which is the end result if you don’t manage your betting responsibly? And in recent years the hot topic has been in the spotlight with UKGC’s work to offer the UK population a safe and secure online betting platform. And has gone from being a taboo subject to widely disused and promoted amongst betting providers. As such, you should find the responsible gaming tools easy and well displayed on site. And should the new betting sites you looking into, not have this well organised? You do better to move along to the next one.

Make up your own mind

We would like to draw your attention to that this is only some of the key factors. And you should consider your needs before you sign up to new betting sites. In the end, you have to see to yourself, what is important to you. If there is something that you are willing to sacrifice to gain something else. Or do you want a complete package that will serve you well in the long run? What we are trying to say. There is plenty of fish in the sea, but some research will go a long way to find the right new betting sites for you.