Live betting

When you are all up to speed with pre-match betting, you might want to consider live betting. But what is it and how does it work? First of all, depending on the sportsbook operator, the name of the product will be named differently. Where you will find names like Live or in-play, but the meaning is the same, to place a bet after the match or race has started. However, for the purpose of this topic, we will refer to it as live betting going forward. Plus, if it’s your first time encountering this betting structure, it all could seem a bit daunting. But trust us, after completing this article, you be able to handle live betting comfortably. Also, you will have the gambling lingo understood to have a better understanding of the feature and ongoing promotions that includes said feature.

How to find live betting at bookmakers

Normally when entering a bookmaker online, you facing a couple of main tabs to navigate through. That in most cases are structured with what type of product they offer. However, for this exercise, we will only cover sports. So say that you just entered the site and located the sports tab. Now, after entering the sports area of the site, you can start drill down to a more precise product. Which usually are well displayed on the top of the screen. In fact, these days, most of the providers will offer a split view between pre-match and live betting, upon entering the sports section. As such, locating the live betting, or in-play option comes at ease; therefore, finding the betting option is the easy part. All you now have to do is to figure out what you like to bet on.

Deep in to live betting

Now, when you are in the section offering bets on sports that have started or are just about to start. You are given the option to either select sports, like football, or some operator have it filtered by bet types. Meaning instead of filter the game of offered sports, you can filter it by odds market like next team to score, match result, and total goals over/under 2.5 to mention a few. As such, there are many ways to start implementing the option. Simply saying that either bet on your favourite sport or football team, or only use live betting for a specific market. In whatever way, you like to implement it; it can be extremely effective with an instant betting

Fast-paced environment

indeed, the live betting bet structure can be extremely fast-paced, and you do best in monitoring the team performance with keen eyes. As the odds will fluctuate quite rapidly depending on the game itself. Basically meaning, if you find that the football match you are watching is action-packed. The same is going to be true for the odds as well. Where one-second team 1 can be in favour of scoring the next goal, and with a sudden change of ball possession team 2 is now in a greater chance of scoring. As a result, the odds are going to reflect the unexpected event. But, that’s what makes it so exciting and explosive. What’s more, it comes with instant gratification. But it can also be a quick downer, although in comparison to pre-match you can quickly recuperate by switching betting tactics there and now, by adjusting the bets you place.

Cash-out with live betting

Worth to take into consideration, in comparison to pre-match betting when you more or less have to accept whatever you placed your bet on until the match is over. However, some pre-match games do come to with the function. Although, never make the assumption that it will be available. While live betting covers the function almost every time. And this is roughly how the cash-out function works. To explain, say that you placed £10 on team 1 to take home the win to odds of 6/1, and looking at a potential win of £70. But, during the course of the match, something happens and the outlook that team 1 is going to win looks grim. You then have the option to cut your losses and cash-out or sell back your bet to the bookmaker. However, it will come to a cost, and the potential £70 win is significantly lower.

Placing bets with more facts on hand

Say that you want more meat on the bones before you put down your hard-earned cash on a bet. Well, then live betting might just be the type you are looking for. Just think about it for a minute. Say that you are unsure of your favourite football team’s current performance. And especially what the expectations are when meeting a particular team. So instead of placing a pre-match bet, let the game kick-off and see how successful they manage to conduct themselves. Sure you might miss out on a fraction or so in odds compare to pre-match. But in the end, if you have a greater possibility to claim a win for a small odds difference you rather put money in your pocket then taking them out of betting on football

Find betting bonuses to your live betting

A good way to get started with live betting without taking any risks is to look for a deal. Say that you are looking for new betting sites when you stumble upon a bookmaker offering you the chance of a bet one get one for free, or BOGO as the industry call it. For instance, the operator tells you that if you make a deposit and place a qualifying pre-match bet, you can also get a live bet for free. Essentially, the bookmaker floats the stake for a live bet of your choosing, within pre-set parameters and values to comply with. As such, you can try it risk-free, and assess if this type is something for you.

Be alert

It’s all fun and games until it spins out of control. And we can’t stress the importance of play responsibly enough. As fun and rewarding live betting can be, it can also be the fast lane to trouble. Therefore, always reflect on the bet at hand, are you placing yet another bet to try to retrieve your losses. Or are you simply enjoying the fun and can afford another potential loss? What we try to say, without clear judgment when pressing “accept” the fun will turn into a headache down the road. If you are unsure where you stand as a punter? Why not check out our section, responsible gambling.