Super Lig

The top-flight in the Turkish football vertical is Super Lig or more accurate Süper Lig. By which the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) organises. That saw the establishment in 1923, where they at the same time joined FIFA. However, it was not until 1962 that the organisation teamed up with UEFA. As such, the TFF is not only leading the charge for the Super Lig, but also the national team and other ranking cup competitions in the country. But, how is the Turkish League measuring up in comparison to other top division in the world? And what volume of an audience does the Super Lig attract? If you like to find out more about the top division football in Turkey, all you have to do is continue reading. And perhaps you will be enlightened and enriched with some new knowledge?

Quick history

Some football scholars believe that it was the Englishmen that brought the sport as a whole to the country in the last part of the 19th century. Where the first recorded competition saw the kick-off in 1904 called the Istanbul Football League. And like the rest of Europe, there have been some major changes to professional football in Turkey. With important moments like the formation of the Turkish Football Championship in 1924, a regional-based knockout event to determine the nation’s top club. But more importantly, the starting point of the first national competition, Millî Küme. That ran between 1937 to 1950. Which essentially gave birth to the League we see today, the Super Lig. That officially didn’t take its status until 1959.

Super Lig Table

How many teams include in the Super Lig?

It has been few changes in the number of teams competing in the Super Lig. And there was only for season 1959/60 that the League saw a different number. Where the season was played with 16 teams. That was divided into 2 groups, the “Kırmızı grup”, or the red group, and the “Beyaz grup,” or white group. Basically describing the nation’s flag, white representing the crescent moon and five-pointed star, while red stands for the backdrop. Though, since then the League as such plays with 18 teams. However, as the League works on promoting (TFF 1. Lig) and relegation system there has been around 72 clubs in total competing in the history of the Super Lig.

A season of Super Lig

A regular season of the Super Lig takes place between August and May. Precisely as the rest of the ranked football competitions in Europe. As a result, they also have adopted the double round-robin system. Meaning that all teams play each other two times. One time on home grounds and one time on the opponent’s home stadium. Telling us that, to complete a season, every team need to play 34 games. Where 3 points awards for a win, and 1 point for a draw. While a loss will add nothing to the overall score standings. That ultimately will determine the winner at the end of a season. Yet, should there be no point difference and no clear winner to bear the crown, the head-to-head record takes into consideration. Followed by the goal difference if still evenly matched.

Who owns the League?

The Türkiye Futbol Federasyonu that also recognises the name Turkish Football Federation or Turkish Football Association as such is the covenant body controlling the League. But saying that, there have been some prominent companies as featured sponsors. That includes the biggest soft drink producer in the world. But also, well-established car manufacturer, and football shoemaker. Amongst, Turkeys flagship airline, to mention a few. But the real breadwinner of the League is the owners of the clubs themselves, which structures as a normal company with shareholders and chairpersons.

Super Lig competition champions

We think it’s worth to mention the gold star honour. That grants a 5-time champion club the right to add a star to the team jerseys crest. On that side note, back to business. So in the first place, we have the 4-star club Galatasaray S.K. (Galatasaray Spor Kulübü) with 22 titles (1961/62, 1962/63, 1968/69, 1970/71, 1971/72, 1972/73, 1986/87, 1987/88, 1992/93, 1993/94, 1996/97, 1997/98, 1998/99, 1999/2000, 2001/02, 2005/06, 2007/08, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2014/15, 2017/18, 2018/19). Runner up is the 3-star Fenerbahçe S.K (Fenerbahçe Spor Kulübü) and its 19 wins. (1959/60, 1960/61, 1963/64, 1964/65, 1967/68, 1969/70, 1973/74, 1974/75, 1977/78, 1982/83, 1984/85, 1988/89, 1995/96, 2000/01, 2003/04, 2004/05, 2006/07, 2010/11, 2013/14). Followed by the 15-time (1956/57, 1957/58, 1959/60, 1965/66, 1966/67, 1981/82, 1985/86, 1989/90, 1990/91, 1991/92, 1994/95, 2002/03, 2008/09, 2015/16, 2016/17) winner and 3-star club Beşiktaş J.K. (Beşiktaş Jimnastik Kulübü). That concludes the list of former and current Super Lig competition champions.super lig

Extraordinary moments in Super Lig

As most football fans would expect, Galatasaray S.K. holds plenty of records and a slew of positions in the League. Yet, to the house, the current most consecutive home wins is quite special. In fact, the record to beat it 25. While on the subject on home wins, how about the most produced goals in a match at the home stadium. Where on October 15th in season 1989/90 Beşiktaş JK won over Adana Demirspor (Adana Demir Spor Kulübü) with 10 to 0.

Top goal scorers and record keepers in Super Lig

Without delaying the positions, the number one spot is claimed by the now-retired footballer Hakan Şükür and his 249 goals. In fact, all players that made the list is no longer pursuing an active career as a professional football player. And coming in on the second place is Tanju Çolak with 240 goals. Although he can’t lay claim to the number one goal scorer spot, he holds the record of appearance (282) versus goals statistics (0.85). Third and last position goes to Hami Mandirali with 219 strikes that found its way past the goalkeeper.

Live viewership and the home audience

If we go back 5-year, the total stadium capacity for the 18 clubs has been between 500,000 to 518,000 seats. However, the average attendance is no way near this number. Although it has drastically increased from season 2015/16 were only around 9,000 showed up. To a recorded peak in 2017/18 with 21,000. Plus, the distribution between the clubs is huge, where the top 3 indicates an average number around 34,000. While the bottom 3 only manages to produce 3,900 live viewers. Though, the League is accessible through sports network and selected bookmakers for online attenders.

Can you place bets on Super Lig?

You will find bets to place on the Super Lig, like 3-Way Handicap and 1st Half and 2nd Half result to mention a few. Yet, finding betting bonuses that specifically targets this League could prove difficult, due to some grey areas of jurisdiction. Although, it doesn’t mean that the market isn’t open for bet placing, and typically you will find somewhere around 100 different odds to place a prediction on any Super Lig match.