SkyBet League One

We previously covered the highest division in the English Football League (EFL), Sky Bet Championship. So it’s only appropriate that we keep on digging down and discover and reveal the structure of the one before that, Sky Bet League One. But before we get you confused, let’s get one thing cleared out of the way. Sky Bet League is the second-highest division in the EFL pyramid. However, it’s the third tier in the UK’s overall system. As such, it drops in ranking if we take the Premier League into consideration, makes sense? Also, to get you clued into the fullest, the name is often shortened down to League One. So, by explaining these simple things, you might just improve your knowledge about football in the UK? Anyhow, to get all bases covered, make sure to check out the whole article.

Quick history

To get a handle on the origin of the League, we first need to turn back time and do backstrokes in the sea of history. Formally known as The Football League Second Division between 1892 to 1992. Do the dates sound familiar so far? Well, it should, at least if you read the previously covered topic, Premier League and Sky Bet Championship. As such, after the newly formed League came to life, the formally second division effectively became the third level. Which maintained its name up till the rebranding of the Leagues in the 2004/05 season. That leads us to the present time and name, or shall we say names. Meaning, no matter if you or your friends call it League One or Sky Bet League One, it’s all the same.

SkyBet League One Table

How many teams include in the Sky Bet League One?

In true UK fashion, it all is neatly organised and tied into the same structure as the linking Leagues, and the number of teams is therefore 24. Although, we think it’s worth to mention that, due to a collapsed takeover, and funding issues, Bury F.C saw expulsion from the 2019/20 season. Consequently, the League made up of 23 teams for the remaining of the season. Making them the first team to drop out in EFL history since the liquidation of Maidstone’s in 1992. As such, the 2019/20 season only saw 3 teams relegated to Sky Bet League Two. Whilst 4 team still moved to League One from Sky Bet League Two to maintain the balance. However, all is back to its normal structure for the 2020/21 season.

A season of Sky Bet League One

A complete season of this League is in a direct link to the whole EFL vertical. Meaning, that its official kick-off date is in early August reaching its final stage in the first days of May. Also, the play structure remains intact. What do we mean about that? Essentially, all teams play each other 2 times. One time at team 1’s home arena and one time at team 2’s home stadium, referred as, home and away match. Plus, the same moving up and moving down in the League are intact. Telling us that the 2 teams with most points automatically see a move to the higher League. While the team positioned 3rd to 6th has to prove its worth in the play-offs. And of course, the 4 bottom teams are therefore moved down to the Sky Bet League Two. Replacing the 4 teams making it through from said League.

Who owns the League?

Well, the same principle as the other Leagues part of EFL pyramid. As we previously covered in the Sky Bet Championship. However, as we are going down in the divisions, it becomes more evident who the real owners of the League are. Sure EFL may control it all, but if no one would cover the events and broadcast it and make it available on different platforms, it would be hard to keep the lower divisions alive. Plus, the importance of devoted fans is quite evident. So, one could say that the real owners are the fans that are keeping the teams spirit up.

Sky Bet League One competition champions

If we cover the season’s stretching from 2004/05 to 2018/19 which is officially the time period, the League covered so far. There are actually 2 teams that can call themselves multiple time winners of Sky Bet League One. For chronological purposes, let’s start with Luton Town. That actually managed to claim the fame the very first season the League saw daylight in 2004/05 season. But also raised the trophy in the 2018/19 season as well. The second team that can boast with 2 wins are Wigan Athletic in 2015/16 and 2017/18.skybet league one

Extraordinary moments in Sky Bet League One

That a football match ends in a draw is not that uncommon. But, one draw record that sticks out comes from Chesterfield 2005/06 season. Where they experienced a problem with walking away with a win. In fact, for 8 consecutive matches, they could not seem to get it done.

Top goal scorers and record keepers in Sky Bet League One

Some goal records are hard to beat and keep on persisting for a long time. Although the top position held by Jordan Rhodes 36 goals made in season 2011/12 is not the one, we are thinking of. In fact, the second place holder Billy Sharp should, in fact, be in position one. As he managed to find the net 30 times in two different seasons, 206/07 and 2016/17. So in a sense, he grabs both second and third place as a top goal scorer in the League. So, in fourth place, we have Rickie Lambert and his 30 goals done in 2009/10.

Live viewership and the home audience

Naturally, as we keep on venture down in divisions, we are going to find some numbers that are not a match for the top ones. Yet, the difference between Sky Bet League One and Sky Bet Championship are not that big as you would expect. As the current record shows, on average people showing up to support the team is around 8,500. As well, with all the widely accessible options, people are finding it much easier to tune in from a distance, in the comfort of their home.

Can you place bets on Sky Bet League One?

Yes, you can, although it usually comes with some restrictions. And it would be best if you look at the true top tier one sportsbook operators in the UK to find a good selection. And you could roughly estimate that the available options shrink with about 60% if compared with the Championship. Though, you are still going to find options like double chance and different match events like the home team to win both halves. Plus, usually, there will be a better selection on the teams that recently got demoted from the Championship. Read more about different betting tips on