Sky Bet League Two

That UK loves its football is not hard to see. In fact, the UK is leading the pack when it comes to the number of different leagues and divisions. And one among those is Sky Bet League Two. By which is the lowest in the English Football League (EFL) system. As such, it ranks as the third and final step in the vertical. And the fourth one if the complete lineup is into thought. However, you might be more familiar with the name League Two? Anyway, the League’s new foundation stems from 2004/05. Where it previously called Football League Third Division before the introduction of Premier League in 1992. Whatever the name was or is, the governing bodies seem to be in agreement. And we should not see any name change in the near future. On that note, let’s see how Sky Bet league Two structures and builds up.

Quick history

We briefly touched on the subject already. But to give you more meat on the bones lets go a bit further back in time. It all dates back to the 1958/59 season when the name was the Fourth Division. Basically, it sprung to life after the Third Division North and Third Division South merge into one. Effectively creating 2 national Leagues on level three and four, where the best 12 teams from south and north formed the Third Division, while the remaining teams went on to start up the Fourth Division. Or as we know it today League Two or Sky Bet League Two. Now wen the history lesson is over, let’s see how many teams there is playing in the League today. But also discover some other interesting facts.

SkyBet League Two Table

How many teams include in the Sky Bet League Two?

As part of the EFL pyramid, it includes 24 teams. All to continue the balance when teams are moving up and down on the division ladder. And as you would expect, all team need to settle there differences 2 times each season. Meaning, the team 1 play against team 2 once on their home arena. And naturally, the second time the two team meets again, team 1 will play at team 2 home area. As such, playing in a saw called double round-robin system. But, how is a season built, and how do the teams get awarded for their efforts? Well, you are in luck, as we are about to explain it all.

A season of Sky Bet League Two

First, let’s get the pointing system out of the way. Basically, whenever a team wins they get 3 points, but no points rewards to the losing team. Though, in the case of a match finishing in a draw, both teams will add 1 point to its overall score. And that’s the basic way the pointing system works. Although, in the case of not a clear winner at the end of the season there are other nominators to take into consideration, that we will cover in a later topic. Anyhow, a season of the division is starting in August and goes on to May the following year. And at the end of each season, the top 3 teams are automatically moved to League One. While 4th to 7th position is fighting for the final 4th spot in a play-off structure. And, the bottom 2 teams move down.

Who owns the League?

Well in its purest form the organisers, clubs, and other contributors of Sky Bet League Two is the official owner. However, if we add more things then money and earning to the equation, the picture looks a bit different. To explain, take Premier League as an example where sponsors and private owners are more than willing to pour money into the League. But, the same donors are not that liberal when it comes down to the lower levels in UK football. So one could say that the owner as such is the demographic that actually show up and support its team. And it all boils down to the interest of the fans and how attractive the clubs can make the division, by which is not easy, when you compete against giants like Premier League, Sky Bet Championship, or even Sky Bet League bet league two

Sky Bet League Two competition champions

When it comes down to the winner of Sky Bet League Two and its overall winner, there is only one club so far that has managed this feat. At current standing, the team to beat is Chesterfield with its two-time winner position in season 2010/11 and 2013/14. However, if we look at the runner-up’s, the story is a bit different. Where there is actually 3 teams, Burry 2010/11 and 2018/19, Scunthorpe United 2004/05 and 2007/08. Plus, Shrewsbury Town 2011/12 and 2014/15.

Extraordinary moments in Sky Bet League Two

Although it’s not a record that comes with a trophy, it’s still a record and such, an extraordinary moment in football history. And the moment we are talking about is the fairly recent one, most consecutive Sky Bet League Two games without a win (36). And the titleholder, if you like to call it that in Sky Bet League Two is Macclesfield Town (January 2nd to October 12th 2018). Although, they are not alone to carry this not so sought after title. In fact, they are sharing the number one spot with Derby County (September 22nd 2007 to September 13th 2008).

Top goal scorers and record keepers in Sky Bet League Two

To see the ball hit the net is counting as a fantastic moment for any footballer. Though, to produce goals in one season that etch itself in history books are something truly extraordinary. And coming in on first place is Tom Pope with his 31 successful goals in season 2012/13. The second place holder Lee Hughes is not far from being the leader. where he made a fool of the goalkeepers’ tender hands 30 times in the 2009/10 season. The third and final position splits by Aaron McLean 2007/08 and James Norwood 2018/19, both scoring 29 goals.


Live viewership and the home audience

Recent official reports are showing some sad numbers. As the live viewer number is slowly decreasing. In fact, football officials are indicating that to keep the gates open, the average attendee to the Sky Bet League Two matches need to be or over 5000 people. But, one important thing to keep in mind, the gap is enormous. Where the lowest reported number tell us that around 2000 fans show up. While the highest teams draw crowds of 13,000 to 14,000. And it has recently surfaced, saying that people are viewing and consuming the sport in a different way these days. Pointing to social media, streaming and sportsbook platforms.

Can you place bets on Sky Bet League Two?

Definitely, you are going to find a decent selection of options to pick from. In fact, the number of odds and the different market is usually equal to what Sky Bet League One offers. As such, you are going to find bets like the result and both teams to score. And also corners and Asian handicap. But, you would make a wise choice to compare different sportsbook operators, before you put down a slip. As the availability will vary.