Wigan Athletic

To understand the days of origin of Wigan Athletic, we first need to discuss its predecessor, Wigan Borough. That was one of numerous attempt to have and football Club tied down to the town of Wigan. However, due to the financial difficulties surrounding the era ultimately led to the disbandment of the “Borough’s” in 1931. Though the town Wigan couldn’t shake the feeling. And following a meeting spearheaded by the Mayor, W.A Hipwood at the Queen’s Hall in 1932 resulted in the newly formed Wigan Athletic. Plus, a committee put in place, with the first order of business; acquire a home ground. Although, the work was a quick affair, with the “Borough’s” home ground, Springfield Park no longer in use. A recorded sum of £2,850 changed hands, and the newly formed F.C, that later got the nickname, “The Latics”, or “The Tics” had a place to call home.

UEFA club coefficient ranking

In 2013 Wigan Athletic did the unprecedented and kicked out Manchester City in the FA Cup Final. However, worth to keep in mind, during season 2012/13 both “The Citizens” and “The Latics” played in the English Premier League (EPL). Although it also has to get mentioned, the Clubs did occupy the opposite spectrum from each other. With “The Citizens” fighting in the top, whilst, “The Latics” fought it-out in the bottom. Yet, Wigan Athletic did the unthinkable and won against Manchester City in the FA Cup, automatically qualifying the Club for 2013/14 UEFA Europa League, play. Though, cut short, after finishing last in there Groupe (D) it ultimately led to a 94th recorded position in the UEFA club coefficient ranking the same season. Surrounded by the Bundesliga Club SC Freiburg (93rd), and Russian Premier League team (RPL) F.C Lokomotiv Moscow (95th).

How many times have Wigan Athletic won the Premier League title?

In fact, Wigan Athletic are still chasing a top-flight victory in the UK, including both the First Division and the EPL. In the aspect of the First Division, it was not really on the agenda for “The Latics” as they were at that time playing in Leagues like Cheshire County League, Lancashire Combination, and the Northern Premier League, plus the lower divisions, 4, and 3. Now, looking at the EPL, the situation seems quite different, where the Club has seen 8 seasons from 2005/06 after a good Sky Bet Championship year. Where the Club produced a 10th place as it’s best for its first 2005/06 EPL season. Yet, Wigan Athletic couldn’t maintain the momentum and got relegated in 2012/13 season. This after struggling to keep afloat, and were a fixture every season on the mid to low position.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Wigan Athletic

We are not going to repeat ourselves, as such, in this subject, we are only focusing on wins, no matter the League or Cup tier. Kicking things off is the 3 (2002/03, 2015/16, 2017/18) League One or Sky Bet League One victories. Followed by 1 (1996/97) Football League Third Division win, 2 (1970/71, 1974/75) Northern Premier League wins, and 4 (1933/34, 1934/35, 1935/36, 1964/65) Cheshire League trophies. But also 4 (1947/48, 1950/51, 1952/53, 1953/54) Lancashire Combination titles, 2 (1984/85, 1998/99) Football League Trophy successes. Plus, 1 (2012/13) FA Cup, 3 (1972/73, 1973/74, 1975/76) Northern Premier League Shields. And 1 (1971/72) Northern Premier League Challenge, and finally 1 (1966/67) Northern Floodlit League, first-place position.

Kit and colours

Halved shirts in red and white with black shorts and socks were the founding colours of Wigan Athletic’s. By which populated the Clubs kit for more or less close to 15-years. But, at the start of season 1947/48, the colour change took a 360 and blue replaced the red altogether. However, the black and red, plus the addition of green has made a comeback from time to time. Though, the application only made it so far as adding the “old” colours in small doses. Like stripes on the socks, neckline, and to highlight a feature on the shirts. Yet, the blue and white have since 1947 been the home colour for the Club. With blue taking over more and more, leaving litter room for white.

Wigan Athletic’s social responsibilities

Wigan Athletic Community Trust reportedly operates across multiple platforms in order to reach out to as many as possible in the community. For instance, the Trust caters for school kids, senior citizens, but also the less fortunate. As such, no matter the background, physical abilities, or ethnicity, the organisation reach out to over 14,000 people every year in different activities, like sport, and other educational programs. With the intent to promote a more active or healthier life choice. But also to evoke aspiration, skill improvement, and overall better life decisions.

Stadiums and capacity

After the re-development to a housing project of the of Springfield Park in 1999, Wigan Athletic had no choice than move on to new and exciting things. Leading the Club to the £30 Million, 25,138 capacity DW Stadium for season 1999/00. By which is reportedly wholly owned by Wigan, where 85% of the control comes from Wigan Athletic themselves, and 15% by the city council. Yet, it’s not only football that plays out on the pitch. As the Club currently leasing the grounds to the rugby league as well.

Wigan Athletic transfers and rumours

Wigan Athletic’s fan base

As of now (2020) the 25,138 size DW Stadium operates on a meagre 42% capacity on Wigan Athletic’s home games. Though, it all gets inflated for its away games where reports tell us that around 18,800 join up to see “The Latics” meet its competition on their home grounds, which means that in rough numbers, 15,000 on average show up to support the Club in total. By which is on the low side of things, if the whole Sky Bet Championship considers to the equation.

Women football in Wigan Athletic

According to the organisation themselves, the women’s team saw the foundation in 1999 as Wigan Latics Ladies F.C, meant to spark an interest by women to play competitive league football. And it all came full circle in season 2003/04 when the women officially became affiliated with the men’s team. Resulting in a kit change for the women to follow the guideline set by the central organisation.

Stakeholders and other financial interests in Wigan Athletic

In late November 2019, the Whelan family announced that after 23-years of ownership the torch would pass on to a new owner. And the buyer was a Hong Kong-based company, International Entertainment Corporation (IEC) for a sum of £22 Million. In the end, the major shareholder in Wigan Athletic A.F.C Ltd is the Chinese businessman Chiu Fai Stanley.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

Did you know that when Wigan Athletic won the 2013 FA Cup against Manchester City, “The Latics” almost matched “The Citizen’s” possession with 49.4%? But what’s more impressive, the winning goal was the only shot meeting the intended target, the goal. In total, Wigan Athletic fired away 8 times, but all the Club needed, was that 1 well-planned header from Ben Watson in stop time, 90+1 to take home one of the more Epic FA Cup finals.