West Bromwich Albion

The 1888 Football League formed in the UK coincides with being one of the oldest football competition of its sort in the world. And one of the 12 founding members was, in fact, West Bromwich Albion. Where the first game in the League commenced on September 8th. And for the inauguration season, West Bromwich Albion fared pretty well, ended up on a 6th place when the season came to a completion. The Club as such locates in the West Midlands County. And can trace back to 1878 as the West Bromwich Strollers, formed by factory workers in the West Bromwich area. Yet, in 1880 a name change was done, and since then the Club has gone by the name West Bromwich Albion. Where they have greeted its competition on the home ground The Hawthorns since 1900.

UEFA club coefficient ranking

The last time West Bromwich Albion played a match to rank for the seeding order in UEFA’s club coefficient ranking was in in the early 80s. However, the Club does have some appearances in the UEFA organised Cups, like UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup (1968/69) when they reach the Quarter-finals. But also 3 features (1978/79, 1979/80, 1981/82 in the UEFA Cup. More known as UEFA Europa League since 2009/10 season. So let’s divert our interest to the English Premier League (EPL) instead. And see if the Club has taken home a win in the top-flight League in the UK?

How many times have West Bromwich Albion won the Premier League title?

Well, we hate to disappoint, but West Bromwich Albion has of now (2020) still not triumphed as the EPL winner. Although, the Club does have 1 (1919/20) First Division League win. Plus, fought its way to the runner-up spot on 2 (1924/25, 1953/54) occasions in same League. As such, though old success, the Club has indeed seen coronation as the champion of the highest League in the UK. So, let us continue down memory lane and see other achievements produced by the Club.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by West Bromwich Albion

For listing the highest honours, we will take it in order if the number of wins, starting with 5 (1888, 1892, 1931, 1954, 1968) FA Cup victories. But also 3 (1901/02, 1910/11, 2007/08) wins in the Football League Second Division or Sky Bet Championship that it’s known as since 2004. Plus 2 (1920, 1954) FA Charity Shield, 1 (1966) Football League Cup, and 1 (1976) FA Youth Cup trophy. And that’s about all the major titles the Club currently (2020) has engraved to the pages of history.

Kit and colours

Actually, the home colour that was worn by the foundation Club West Bromwich Strollers were a white and blue kit combination. That later on in the Clubs history would be the colour combination West Bromwich Albion went for. However, before settling in on the final combination in 1889, the Club tried out yellow, black, brown, sky blue, red, and pink in different blends. And little has changed in the layout as well, where the blue and white stripes have been the home kit design, with one exception. Where the Club had an all blue shirt, with white shorts and all blue socks between 1942 to 1957.

West Bromwich Albion’s social responsibilities

West Bromwich Albion is active in the community with different programs and projects catering for all types of people and all ages. And one specific initiative that proven more successful is The Albion Foundation. Where they use its biggest tool in the toolbox, football as a bridge between the Club and the close community. The foundation means to impact lives in a positive manner and spark a longing for aspirations. Basically, football is used to bring the area and its resident’s closer to each other with stronger bonds.

Stadiums and capacity

The road to pick a stadium to call home has not been the straightest of paths for the Club. In fact, West Bromwich Albion went through 6 different locations before settling down at the Hawthorn stadium. And from the start, the Club played both on Cooper’s Hill and Dartmouth Park between 1878 to 1881. However, for season 1881/82 the Club took on its competition on the Bunn’s Field. By which was the first football pitch fully enclosed allowing the Club to charge an entry fee to all spectators. To keep up with the growing demand for football, the Club relocated to the bigger Four Acres ground and remained until 1885. Only to pick up the stakes and relocate the camp to Stoney Lane from 1885 to 1900. Where they Finally settled in on its current home grounds and an all-seated capacity 26,850 stadia, The Hawthorns.

West Bromwich Albion transfers and rumours

West Bromwich Albion’s fan base

Looking and cross-reference all the Clubs that currently (2020) play in the Sky Bet Championship we find West Bromwich Albion on the 4th place of home game average attendance. And with an already reported max capacity, the number looks really good for the Club. Where they fill the stadium to 90% on every home game in the League. Even on the away games the Club manage to produce some impressive volumes with reported tickets sells around 19,000. Showing that the fans, or “The Baggies” that the fans call themselves show up to support their team no matter where they play.

Women football in West Bromwich Albion

Founded in 1989 as the West Bromwich Albion Women’s F.C and played football purely on a recreational level. However, 2009 marks the year of the official alliance to the men’s team when the women became a section of the Sporting Club, Albion. Yet, it was not before 2011 the women started to reap the benefits of the hard work. Where the women have titles like 1 (2010/11) Midland Combination Women’s Football League, 1 (2015/16) FA Women’s Premier League Northern Division, and 2 (2015/16, 2016/17) Birmingham Women’s County Cup victories.

Stakeholders and other financial interests in West Bromwich Albion

For the purpose of taking on the responsibility of the ownership of West Bromwich Albion. Guochuan Lai launched Yunyi Investment group in 2016. By which is the major shareholder, as such, it is the parenting company overseeing main operations. Other than the investment group, the Club also has more partners, including a big brand sportsbook operator and a beverage company amongst others local and world partners.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

Did you know that after the very first round of the 1888 Football League came to completion, West Bromwich Albion was the first Club to be on the number 1 spot, after beating Stoke with 2 to 0? However, at that time, goal average separated the leader from the rest. More precise, goals-against divided by goals scored. And in modern era and calculations, Derby County would have been on first place after winning over Bolton Wanderers F.C with 6 to 3.