Swansea City

Originally, Swansea City was formed as Swansea Town in 1912 and started to play professional football after joining the 1888 Football League in 1921. However, after Swansea got an official status as a town in 1969, the Club consequently changed its name. And the Club dropped “Town” and adopted “City” instead. Yet, the first title came in 1913 after winning the Welsh Cup. This after beating the reigning champion, Blackburn Rover with 1 to 0. As a Club, the 21,088 capacity Liberty Stadium has been the home grounds since 2005 after moving from the Vetch Field, that was the home since the founding days. But, how is the Club comparing to the rest of the competing competition in the UK?

UEFA club coefficient ranking

Swansea City does fall in line with many of the UK Clubs situated on the UEFA club coefficient ranking system. However, we need to examine the ranking on a 10-year comparison. That puts the Club on a 91st place. Surrounded by the two Sky Bet Championship Club Hull City A.F.C (90th), and Wigan Athletic Football Club (92nd). Meaning two things, most of the contribution is either outside the current calculation reach of the UEFA table. But also that the reported games ended up with a slight disappointment. All in all, the Club usually find themselves leaving the European competition format before the proper starts.

How many times have Swansea City won the Premier League title?

The performance in the top-flight in the UK has not been without trouble. In fact, the first time the Club reach the highest League in the English Football League (EFL) 1981/82 seasons, they ended up on a 6th place. Yet, an excellent position for its very first entry to the top-flight. However, it was the start of a downward spiral. Where the Club saw relegation the following year, and it was not until season 2011/12 the Club entered the highest League again, the English Premier League (EPL). With a recorded best 8th place, in season 2014/15. That ultimately led to yet another relegation. But this time to the Sky Bet Championship in season 2017/18.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Swansea City

With the top League disclosed, where has Swansea City dished out 2nd place to its rivals? For that let’s start with the 3 (1924/25, 1948/49, 2007/08) Third Division South wins. That further backs with their 11 (1924/25, 1925/26, 1933/34, 1934/35, 1935/36, 1950/51, 1961/62, 1962/63, 1963/64, 1964/65, 1975/76) Welsh Football League trophies. Followed by the 2 (1994, 2006) Football League Trophy wins, 2 (2004/05, 2005/06) FAW Premier Cup, 1 (1999/00) Football League, Third Division. And lastly 1 (2012/13) Football League Cup victory. And that’s just the more important titles in the Clubs history. So as far as numbers one position for Swansea City, it fair to say that the Club indeed outperformed its League and Cup competition on multiple occasions.

Kit and colours

If you are a fan of Swansea City, you most definitely know that the preferred home colours are a dominant white with a touch of black. That has been the design set-up as far as the Club has existed more or less. However, there have been some seasons where the black has been changed for red, orange, and even yellow. And the most elaborate years of the design was for seasons 1992/93 and 1993/94 when a wave pattern in red and black on a white base featured diagonal across the shoulder of the shirt. Though, even if Swansea City has tried out different combinations, it seems that the Club is always ending up reverting to the more known pattern as the home colour and design all the time.

Swansea City’s social responsibilities

The organisation that operated community projects for Swansea City is the Swans Community Trust. That is offering up possibilities for the Club to be involved and active in the local area, South West Wales. Where the Club not only offers its time but organises such things as sports participation. But also in football development and team-leading. Were the participants get a broader understanding of all sub-disciplines in the sport. But, it’s not only an education, as the program also tributes the students with invaluable requirements to pursue a career within football.

Stadiums and capacity

Before Swansea became City and played under the Swansea Town banner, the Club regularly played their games at a waste ground named Vetch Field, left abandoned by the Swansea Gaslight Company in 1912. That was the home for the Club until moving into their new home, Liberty Stadium in 2005. That is an all-seated stadium with the volume allowing 21,088 fans to show up, which got turned over to Swansea City in 2018 to assume full operation. But how of a good job does the Club do to fill the seats in their home games?

Swansea City transfers and rumours

Swansea City’s fan base

The numbers of fans that show up on Swansea City games is consistent, to say the least. Where the home games see around 16,100 people, while the away games manage to produce roughly 18,100 supporters. Telling us that the total average is 17,100 people on every match, home and away for the 2019/20 season. Now, if compared to a complete season (2018/19), the situation looks somewhat familiar. With 18,800 home, 19,600 away, giving us a total of 19,200. As such 2019/20 season is in line with previous numbers when going forward to finishing up current season.

Women football in Swansea City

Women football rarely sees the dominance Swansea City Ladies F.C has shown since its birth in 2002. Where the women’s team has proven, it’s worth time after time in the Leagues and Cups the Club competed in. Yet, before giving you all the accomplishments, we like to emphasise one more time on the foundation year 2002 of the women’s extension. So let’s kick things off with the 3 (2009/10, 2010/11, 2016/17) Welsh Women’s Premier League titles and the 3 (2011, 2015, 2018) Welsh Women’s Cup trophies. Followed by 5 (2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09, 2009/10, 2011/12) South Wales Women’s League wins. Plus 2 (2007, 2008) South Wales Women’s League Cup, and 1 (2016) Welsh Women’s Premier League Cup victory.

Stakeholders and other financial interests in Swansea City

As a member of the EFL and the Football Association of Wales (FAW), Swansea City AFC and its shareholder reporting is an underlying fact that needs to happen. And according to information made public by the Club, 3 stakeholders hold 10% or more in the Club. With Stephen Kaplan and Jason Levien controlling 68%. Whilst, 21.1% is governed by the Club’s Supporters Society Ltd.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

Did you know that the last goal scored on the previous home ground, Vetch Field were done by the former Club player, Adrian Forbes? This after meeting Shrewsbury Town in April 30th 2005, that ended in 1 against 0. Moreover, when Swansea City made the cut for the EPL in 2010/11, it marked the first time a Welsh Club entered the top-flight League in the UK.