Queens Park Rangers

The end product, Queens Park Rangers Football Club is the result of two separate merged organisations, St. Jude’s Institute, formed in 1884. And the Christchurch Rangers, that saw the foundation days in 1882. As such, it’s accepted that the official birth year for the newly formed Queens Park Rangers is 1882. Where the name took influence by the fact that most of the players resided in the North-Western London area, Queen’s Park, however, it was not until the season 1899/00 the Club officially became a professional outfit after joining the Southern League. With the first stumbling steps cleared out, let’s find out more about “The Rangers.”

UEFA club coefficient ranking

Even if the establishment of Queens Park Rangers or QPR for short stretches back to the late 1800s, the recorded games organised by the UEFA are far in-between. So, as far as the Club record in UEFA competitions archive, the latest mentions are in UEFA Cup season 1984/85. That got cut short in the second round after getting defeated by the Serbian SuperLiga Club, Partizan F.C with 0 to 4 in November 1984. So, with minimal information to relay, let’s move on to the critical question; have Queens Park Rangers won the English Premier League (EPL)?

How many times have Queens Park Rangers won the Premier League title?

As a matter of fact, the Queens Park Rangers has not yet got a real opportunity to fight over the number one position in the EPL. However, for the 1992/93 inaugural EPL season QPR did perform on its best, ending up on a 5th place. Yet, in retrospect, the League has so far proven to be too competitive for the Club. Where relegation and promotion to the EPL have been a somewhat familiar subject for QPR. Although, when the top-flight played under the name First Division, Queens Park Rangers did perform slightly better with a runner-up place in season 1975/76. Though, it’s not all bad news, as there are moments of brilliance recorded by the Club.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Queens Park Rangers

For major honours titles and other minor achievements produced by Queens Park Rangers, we have to first start in the late 1800s, with 1 (1892/93) West London Observer Cup win. That the QPR followed up with, by taking home the Western League 1 (1905/06) time. But also to further strengthen its position the also won the Southern League on 2 (1907/08, 1911/12) occasions, and 1 (1912/13) Southern Charity Cup. Plus 1 (1945/46) Division 3 Regional win, and 2 (1947/48, 1966/67) Division 3 victories. More known as League One or, Sky Bet League One these days. Moreover, the Club also won the League Cup (1966/67) or Carabao Cup as it’s the latest name. And finally 2 (1982/83, 2010/11) Division Two, or Sky Bet Championship trophies. By which is the current (2020) League QPR play at.

Kit and colours

The original home colours for Queens Park Rangers were 2 shades of blue, sky and navy, and white. That was more or less the design and colours leftover from one of the foundation Club, St. Jude’s Institute. Yet, for season 1892/93 the famous green and white hooped shirt did make itself noticed. That was QPR’s home colours from 1892 to 1926 when the Club introduced back the blue and white combinations. Where the first season 1926/27 in the new kit played in an all-blue shirt and socks with white shorts, however, it only endured for that season. And the direction for the following seasons always has since in some way featured white and blue mostly arranged in a hoop. Or horizontal styled shirt, with solid coloured shorts, either in white or blue.

Queens Park Ranger’s social responsibilities

Queens Park Rangers are extremely clear with its Community Trust intention where the Club broke down the components to, vision, mission, and Values. Where the concept is to inspire, discover potential, but more importantly, Creating opportunities. That achieves by partner up with local businesses and other close community programs. All to improve the overall quality of life. Not only on individual bases but also on a regional level. All guarded by pre-set values including collaborate, self-scrutiny, and embrace change, directed for all that engage with the Club’s activities. And that’s just some of the more dominant mentioned values. So far the Trust has seen 20,000 plus participants, across 300 sessions per week, led by 20 full-time staff members. That has involved people ranging from 3 to 90 years old.

Stadiums and capacity

Few Clubs in the English Football League (EFL) know as much as Queens Park Rangers do about relocating home grounds. Although, as previous locations are as long as a laundry list we only going to cover the last 2 home grounds, that by itself is a quite complicated story, and here is the somewhat boiled down version. In 1917, QPR found themselves a new home at Loftus Road after the UK armed forces occupied the former, Park Royal. Then in season 1931/32, the Club moved on to the White City Stadium. Only to move back to Loftus Road for season 1933/34 after some financial difficulties. Yet, the shoe seemed to fit over at White City Stadium, and QPR returned in 1962/63, but only for half of the season. And once more the Club returned to Loftus Road, or Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium as it renamed to in 2019.

Queens Park Rangers transfers and rumours

Queens Park Ranger’s fan base

The Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium has space for 18,439 fans and supporters during any League match. Yet, after examining the sold tickets for the current season (2019/20) and 5-years back the trend points down, but worth to mention, it’s now stable where QPR went from around 16,000 people on average on the home games in 2015. To about 13,800 for the last 2 years. Meaning, at the current rate, the stadium only uses roughly 75% of its capacity. Though, the Club exceeds themselves on the way games pulling in 20,000 supporters on average.

Women football in Queens Park Rangers

Queens Park Rangers Ladies F.C initially saw the day in 2001 after Wembley Mill Hill F.C merged into the ranger’s chapter. That started slowly with a guiding committee composed by player parents. Yet, in 2005, “the Rangers” decided to enrol the women’s team into the community trust, giving the team much-needed resources, including trained staff qualified to conduct professional coaching and a higher level of management.

Stakeholders and other financial interests in Queens Park Rangers

Ownership of Queens Park Rangers divides into 3 different entities. With the largest stakeholder, Ruben Emir Gnanalingam (51%). Closely followed by the Malaysian based leisure activities and entertainment company, Tune Group. Which owns by Tony Fernandes and Kamarudin Bin Meranun, together they control 46% of the football Club. Plus a smaller stake controlled by the L.N. Mittal Family.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

Did you know that Queens Park Rangers has played on close to 20 different home grounds during its evolution before nailing down White City Stadium? Also, QPR was the first Club in the UK to introduce fake grass (Omniturf) at its Loftus Road stadium in 1981. Bonus round, Kensal Rise Athletic Ground was the first pitch for the Club. With all this new-found knowledge, we wish you luck on your next trivia night.