Preston North End

The very first recorded evidence of Preston North End Football Club is from 1863. But, from its origin, it was all about cricket, and like most sports Club they wanted to extend the activities for the winter months. However, in the early days of the 1860s, the Club did go through some financial decline after its expansion. Though, despite its declining economics, the Club took out a lease on the stadium, Deepdale, which have been the home grounds ever since. Although, the Club did not officially venture into football until 1878 and the official foundation year is actually 1880. Meaning, it almost took the Club 15 years before adding football as a permanent fixture in the curriculum.

UEFA club coefficient ranking

Due to Club’s inactivity in the European Leagues, Preston North End as of current (2020) has no official place on the UEFA club coefficient ranking system. With that in mind, should we find out the English Premier League (EPL) performance? Or if you already know the EPL answer you might want to drop down to the other achievements instead? Anyhow, let’s check out the domestic efforts.

How many times have Preston North End won the Premier League title?

First, of, Preston North End was one of the 12 founding members of the 1888 Football League. But does it automatically mean that the Club won the top-flight in the UK? Actually, yes. In fact, Preston North End was the dominant Club at the beginning of the First Division, with 2 (1888/89, 1889/90) wins and 6 (1890/91, 1891/92 1892/93, 1905/05, 1952/53, 1958/59) runner-up position. Yet, the fight for the EPL title is still an ongoing matter for the Club. As such, let’s find the cases when the Club out-played it’s League and Cup competition.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Preston North End

As we already disclosed the First Division and EPL titles, this subject will only list other achievements besides the top-flight wins. And in no order of any particular importance let’s start with League Wins. Where the Club has 3 (1903/04, 1912/13, 1950/51) Sky Bet Championship wins. And 4 (1903/04, 1912/13, 1950/51 1999/00) Division Two, 2 (1970/71, 1995/96) Division Three titles. And on the Clubs Cup honours, we find 5 (1886/87, 1892/93, 1894/95, 1899/00, 1996/97) Lancashire Cup Wins, 2 (1889, 1938) FA Cup, and 1 (1941) War Cup victory. Worth to take notice of, the League names may be subject to a name discrepancy, due to the reformation of the English Football Pyramid across all the years. As such, to get a more explained load-out, please visit any of our subjects here on site talking about League structures.

Kit and colours

These days Preston North End have a white and blue colour combination as it’s kit on the home ground games. But, what’s more, the Club actually started its football venture in the exact same colours. The only noticeable difference was that the shirts were blue and white in a vertical strip formation. Although, between 1884 and 1887 the colour the Club had was completely different. Where the Club used red, blue, and white. Other than those years the kit and layout have more or less been the same. With white being the main colour on the shirt, while blue has more frequent use on shorts, and socks.

Preston North End’s social responsibilities

To give back to the community and its fans are on any serious football Clubs agenda. Where the Clubs usually have a great span of different programs or project to partake in. And the same is true for Preston North End, where the Club regular organise community reach-out engagement in such thing as education, matchday experience, and player appearances to mention some of the Clubs contributions.

Stadiums and capacity

The first day at Deepdale Stadium looked quite different to what Preston North End started with. And due to its course of existence, the stadium has gone through multiple facelifts and expansion projects to reach its current all-seated capacity of 23,404. And during its volume growth, we have seen stands and pavilion got added. Like the 7,893 increase, Sir Tom Finney Stand, Bill Shankly Kop, 5,933, and the Alan Kelly Town End 5,859 expansion. But also the 3,719 Invincibles Pavilion addon.

Preston North End transfers and rumours

Preston North End’s fan base

As for season 2019/20, the average home game attendance is around 13,600 reported tickets sold. Placing them on the lower segment in the Sky Bet Championship. But here are the more interesting figures, on its away games the Club manage to intrigue close to 19,000 people. Meaning that roughly 16,000 show up on every match day. Now, compare that with the 5 previous seasons the figures communicate a clear figure, core fans don’t matter where or when the Club plays. Around 16,000 to 17,000 is an average number of a total average attendance on any season.

Women football in Preston North End

The women’s football and organisation in Preston North End can get directly linked to the former Dick, Kerr and Co Ltd, a group of ordinary women factory workers and its creation, Dick Kerr Ladies. Yet, in 1965 the Ladies dissolved, only to reform as Preston North End Ladies in 1992. And since the early 2000s, the team has taken on its competition in North West Women’s Premier division.

Stakeholders and other financial interests in Preston North End

Being part of the English Football League (EFL) system does come with some reporting duties. For instance, any football club in the EFL needs to disclose any owner housing 10% or more shares in the Club. And for the company, Preston North End Limited is 100% owned by the Deepdale PNE Holdings Limited. By which split into 2 entities, Grovemoor Limited, and Wordon Limited, that fully controls by the British billionaire and businessman Trevor Hemmings. Moreover, the Club also has close relationships with multiple online bookmakers and a UK leading camping provider as an example.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

You already know this, but to give you a lingering fact, we think this might just do it. Preston North End was the first Club to get back to back wins in the 1888 football League. But what’s more, they did in fact also win the First Division League in 1888 the followed year. Plus 6 runner-up positions all between 1888 to 1893, if that’s not we don’t know what is. Where does the name come from? the original name of the Club was, Preston Nelson. But to emphasise that the activities commenced at the north side of Preston, Ashton, the club decided to change its name, and “north end” came to be.