Nottingham Forest

The Reds, or Nottingham Forest Football Club as its full name is playing their home games in Nottinghamshire, more precise, West Bridgford. A club allegedly conceived after shinty enthusiasts met at the Clinton Arms pub in 1865 on Shakespeare Street to discuss a shift of sports activity. The result after the meeting, the group decided to venture into the world of association football and drop its shinty activities. And presto, Nottingham Forest F.C saw the day of light. Also established on the same meeting, to get things official, the newly formed football Club were to purchase 12 red coloured caps. By which was the year marking the official colour of the team as well. However, it was not until March 22nd 1866, the Club officially came to the football scene, after taking on Notts County F.C in the first official match.

UEFA club coefficient ranking

In recent history, there is not that much to go through when it comes to Nottingham Forest. However, there are some noted games in the late 70s and beginning of the 80s. Which we will list further down when exploring the subject, Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Nottingham Forest. As such, to find some relevant information, we need to look at UEFA’s all-time Club ranking records, that stretches between 1955 to 2020. And according to the entries, the Club situates on a 112th position. But, the real question is, does the Club have any top-flight wins to boast about?

How many times have Nottingham Forest won the Premier League title?

In English Premier League (EPL) the Club as of now (2020) still not lifted the trophy. However, when the EPL was known as the First Division, Nottingham Forest did end the season 1977/78 with a number one place. When finishing up the season with 64 points. That was quite a comfortable lead from the runner-up Liverpool FC’s 57 points. Plus, the Club has grabbed the number two spot on 2 (1966/67, 1978/79) occasions. With that fresh in your mind, let’s see where else the Club out-played its competition.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Nottingham Forest

To keep the string of years, Leagues, and Cups tidy, the listed championship titles will be named according to what name of the competition was at that time. Starting with 2 (1906/07, 1921/22) Football League Second Division, 1 (1997/98) Football League First Division, and 1 (1950/51) Third Division South wins. But also 1 (1891/92) Football Alliance Championship title. Yet, things look even better in Cup competitions with 2 (1897/98, 1958/59) FA Cup wins, 4 (1977/78, 1978/79, 1988/89, 1989/90) Football League Cups. Plus, 1 (1978) FA Charity Shield and 2 (1988/89, 1991/92) Full Members Cup victories. As promised, time to reveal the UEFA games, that is 2 (1978/79, 1979/80) European Cup wins, and 1 (1979) UEFA Super Cup. Moreover, the Club has also proven themselves and won 1 (1977) Anglo-Scottish Cup.

Kit and colours

Even if only mentioned briefly, the Home colour for Nottingham Forest is red and white. And have so been since the foundation in 1868. However, the first season, the kit was all white with a red cap. Although, the following season they moved to the more recognises combination, red shirt and white shorts. And the only anomaly was between season 1891 and 1899 when the Club introduced navy blue shorts, while still wearing a red shirt. Other than that the kit and colour has endured the test of time, and will most likely never change.

Nottingham Forest’s social responsibilities

It’s hard to differ from the norm when we talk about a Club’s social responsibilities these days. As all professional football Clubs know the benefits of having a community activity program. Which is the case for Nottingham Forest, and it’s 10-year old Nottingham Forest Community Trust foundation. That aims to empower the close community by offering training, employment and raise the awareness of choosing a healthier lifestyle amongst much more.

Stadiums and capacity

Before settling down on its current (2020) home grounds, City Ground in 1898, Nottingham Forest had quite a nomadic approach when they first played on Forest Recreation Ground (1865 to 1878). After that, the Club moved to Castle Ground for one year (1879 to 1880). That led them to Trent Bridge Cricket Ground for 2 years (1880 to 1882). Followed by Parkside Ground (1882 to 1885), Gregory Ground (1885 to 1890), and Town Ground (1890 to 1898). To finally plant the roots at City Ground 1898. at the moment the capacity caps out on 30,445 people. However, the Club has a green light from the city council to go ahead with its expansion plans. And should get on its way after season 2019/20 is complete. According to building plans made available by the Club, the new stadium will house 38,000 fans in total.

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Nottingham Forest’s fan base

Currently, City Ground operates on around a 91% capacity. Meaning that on any home game the Club roughly sees 28,000 tickets sold. That has been the number of supporters attending for the last couple of years. On the opposite side, the away games, the average attendance do fall quite rapidly. With reports tell us that no more than 18,000 fans show up to support. Telling us, if we combine both home and away games, the actual average attendance is around 23,000, which is good in any Clubs book if you play in the Sky Bet Championship. In fact, it’s the 2nd best position overall in the League. The only Club ahead of Nottingham Forest is Leeds United with a total average attendance of 27,500.

Women football in Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest does have an old history of fostering women’s football in the UK. Where it all started at the beginning of the 70s. Though, at its current form, the women’s team got officially formed in 1990 after a group of women football lovers advertised in the men’s match program, looking for equal minded women to give football a try. As of now, the women’s team has one League title to its name the, FA Women’s Premier League Northern Division from season 2007/08.

Stakeholders and other financial interests in Nottingham Forest

It was not that long ago the Club got a new major shareholder, Evangelos Marinakis. In fact, it was as recent as in 2017. But, what’s more, not only is he holding the reins in the Sky Bet Championship Club. But he also owns the Greek Super League 1 team, Olympiacos Football Club as well.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

Did you know that Nottingham Forest had a former player, Peter Shilton? And what so important with that, you might ask. Well, he was the first player to break the 1,000 League game appearances. Although, when reaching the record, Mr Shilton played in Leyton Orient Football Club. Also, the football world can thank the “The Reds” player Samuel Widdowson for inventing football shin pads in the 1870s, in the form of parts taken from cricket pads.