Luton Town

Before Luton Town F.C assembled as a “Town” Club, there were already several pre-existing football teams, including Luton Excelsior and Luton Wanderers. By which the latter Club held a rogue meeting in January 1885 at St Matthew’s, with the outcome effectively changing the Clubs name from Luton Wanderers to Luton Town. However, this none disclosed meeting answered with outrage from the townsmen and community. Leading to a public meeting the same year in April, declining the Wonderers name adaptation. Yet after a heated debate, a motion passed democratically. Meaning, this time a ballot election decided the formation of a “Town” Club committee. Also second in the meeting was the home kit and colours resulting in a navy blue and pink quarter outfit topped off with a cap. Although not an outcome of the meeting, the Clubs nickname later settled on “The Hatters.”

UEFA club coefficient ranking

Digging deep in the UEFA club coefficient ranking, the research didn’t bear that many results. In fact, according to UEFA’s Club competitions records, there is no mention of any modern participation from Luton Town. That includes UEFA competitions like Champions League, Europa League, Super Cup, or Cup Winners’ Cup. As there is not that much to disclose about the Club and its UEFA organised matches, let us instead have a look at the top-flight domestic contribution. Like the 1888 First Division, but also the English Premier League (EPL).

How many times have Luton Town won the Premier League title?

On the subject matter, have Luton Town won the Premier League title, the answer is no. And the result is also reflected in the First Division victories. Now, if you already know the separation of the two, feel free to skip to the next subject, while we explain the top-flight cut. In the fundamental sense, the First Division was formed in 1888 and ran until 1992. At this era, The Football League First Division was the top League in the UK. That, later on, lent its name to the second-tier division after the formation of the EPL in 1992. Yet, the name migration stopped in 2004, and the former First Division got rebranded to the Football League Championship. And once more in 2016 to the EFL Championship. More commonly mentioned as the Championship, or Sky Bet Championship due to a sponsorship agreement.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Luton Town

At this point (2020) Luton Town has 7 honours that could consider major once. Starting with 1 (1936/37) League South Third Division win, 1 (1967/68) Fourth Division victory. And 1 (1981/82) Football League Second Division success. Plus 1 (1987/88) League Cup number one spot, 1 (2004/05) Football League One win, and also 1 (2008/09) Football League Trophy. And finally 1 (2018/19) EFL League One Championship trophy. Also worth bringing up is the FA Cup contribution (1958/59). Although it didn’t go the “The Hatters” way, the runner-up position is a significant milestone in Luton Town performance record.

Kit and colours

The Club came out on the pitch in pink and a navy blue in the early days is already a known fact. However, to explain all the home kit’s and colours would be as long as your arm. In the best meaning of the word, “Normally.” A Club goes through some indecisiveness in early days before settling in on a home colour. Though, this does not apply to “The Hatters”. In fact, one could say “The Hatters” went through seven significant colour and kit periods. For instance, between 1885 to 1898 the colours were blue, pink, white, burgundy, and black in some arrangement. That changed into a blue and white kit from 1984 to 1999. And that’s only some of all the primary kit and colour swaps. Do you see what we mean? However, in the later period, the combination has been Orange, blue, and white as the home kit.

Luton Town’s social responsibilities

The tagline of Luton Town Community Trust reads, “working closely within the people of Luton and Bedfordshire.” With the main goal to nurture a positive experience that could make a difference to all participants taking part in such things as sports and other learning programs. Where sports mean to enhance your social, mental, and physical abilities, while education pared with football activities, one could say that the introduction of sports in some sense liberates heavy educational. All in all, the trust caters for most age groups, background and ability level to participate.

Stadiums and capacity

Before moving into the 10,356 all-seater stadium Kenilworth Road in Bedfordshire, Luton. “The Hatters” meet its competition on the old home grounds Dunstable Road until 1905. However, in 2016 Luton Town revealed some interesting and exciting news. Where the Club state, the intention was to upgrade the capacity to 17,500. Though, this would not be an extension to the current Kenilworth Road. Instead, Luton Town prepared themselves to build a new stadium in central Luton, on the Power Court site. Although, it was not until January 2019 the planning permission went under the Luton Borough Council’s gavel. Yet, the extended decision period allowed the plans to include a later expansion to 23,000.

Luton Town transfers and rumours

Luton Town’s fan base

Currently (2020) Luton Town F.C plays in the Sky Bet Championship in front of around 10,000 spectators and supporters. Telling us that the proposed expansion and new stadium is a fundamental necessary rather than a wish grabbed out of the blue. That is further supported by the fact, that on the away games close to 19,000 show up to support the “The Hatters.” all in all, total live views in all the matches combined counts up to 14,500. Yet a good figure for a Club that generally occupies the League One also called Sky Bet League One, But still the lowest number in the entire Sky Bet championship.

Women football in Luton Town

Luton Town Ladies F.C is credited to originate from 1997 in two categories. With the first team play in the FA Women’s Premier League Division One South East. While the up and coming development extension compete in the lower but yet competitive London and South East Region League. As such effectively putting the Club and more precise the women’s team both in the 2nd and 5th tier of the women football pyramid.

Stakeholders and other financial interests in Luton Town

In short, Luton Town Football Club 2020 Ltd is a full member of the English Football League (EFL). Which means, the organisation as such do have an obligation to its investors and of course the EFL. And it’s reported that 80% and major shareholder in the venture is Paul Ballantyne, that also acts as the Clubs Director.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

Did you know that the nickname “The Hatters” is taken from the 17th-century town industry and trade, hat making? Yet, one of the more unknown facts is that the Club is one of the sixteen founding members of the Southern League 1894 after receiving an invitation from the aggregator Club, Millwall Athletic, now known only as Millwall. Side note, and bonus fact, the Southern League, are currently (2020) the BetVictor Southern League, due to a partnership and sponsorship agreement.