Leeds United

The formation of Leeds United Football Club can get traced to the older Club, Leeds City F.C. By which established in 1904 and played in the Second Division until it’s disbandment in 1919, due to discrepancies in the financial books. Long story short, the birth of Leeds United was a direct result of closing down the “City” chapter. However, it was not only part of the name the new Club took in as its own. As they also adopted Elland Road stadium as their home grounds. That has been the Clubs home ever since. With that sorted, let’s take a much closer look at the Clubs performance, in the UK but also other European tournaments.

UEFA club coefficient ranking

At this moment (2020) Leeds United lack competitions in the European leagues to be on the current UEFA club coefficient ranking table. However, the Club did have a quite established presence in the 60s and 70s. Although, it all came to an end in the 80s when they got relegated to the lower Second Division in 1982. And it took over 10-years until they would compete in the European Leagues again. Whit a somewhat successful period in the early 2000s, that we will disclose in the achievement subject further into the article, but let’s not relish in the past and move on to the real big question. How many times have the Club won the Premier League title?

How many times have Leeds United won the Premier League title?

Let’s not beat around the bush, as of English Premier League titles the answer is in fact, none. Nevertheless, the Club, as we know, had a good run between the 60s and 70s, which means that they have won the top-flight in the UK on multiple occasions. In fact, the Club has brought home the gold 3 (1968/69, 1973/74, 1991/92) times in the First Division. Plus, Leeds United was also close on other occurrences to grab the title after ending up on the runner-up position 5 (1964/65, 1965/66, 1969/70, 1970/71, 1971/72) times. So, where have the Club triumphed? For that, let’s step into the trophy room and look at all their accomplishments.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Leeds United

The former Second Division that is since 2016 known as Sky Bet Championship has won by Leeds United 3 (1923/24, 1963/64, 1989/90) times. If we remain in the UK just a bit longer, we find that the Club has some other notable victories to be proud of. Like 1 (1971/72) FA Cup, 1 (1967/68) Football League Cup, and 2 (1969, 1992) FA Charity Shield win. Now, if we look across the English Channel, we find some good Cup results as well. Starting with 2 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup victories. After that, the best the Club has done in the European competition is a couple of 2nd place positions. With 1 (1974/75) European Cup and 1 (1972/73) UEFA Cup Winners Cup runner-up spots.

Kit and colours

When Leeds United kicked things off, the home colour was black and white. Yet, only used for 1 season, where the Club choose to adopt a blue instead of the black. That later in 1934 got another colour addition added as the home colours, yellow. As a result, ever since that year, the Club has always had the combination White, yellow, and blue. Although, in 1960 a design emerge that has remained the dominant kit layout. Meaning, the predominant colour is white were yellow and blue only acts as small accents on shorts, socks, and sleeves.

Leeds United’s social responsibilities

Exploring the whole vertical of the Club, we find the Leeds United Foundation. With comments from the Clubs saying that the Foundation intends to work as a positive catalyst for local and nearby areas. Where the Club uses football as an educational tool, to evoke motivation, support, and inspiration to all participants. On top of that, Leeds United also organises school football boot camps for all ages. All in all, even if the Club currently (2019/20) play in the Sky Bet Championship they promote social responsibilities like any English Premier League Club would do.

Stadiums and capacity

Few Clubs in the UK can say that they never moved stadium, ever, which is the case for Leeds United. In fact, we already disclosed that in the introduction of the Club. Yet, is quite astonishing that the Club has remained at the exact home grounds, Elland Road since its first match in 1919. Though, at the beginning of the 2000s, the Club was actually looking to move to a larger venue, which got put on hold due to a financial decline. But let’s get back to the subject matter, the capacity of said stadium currently seats 39,460. With the known maximum attendance figure, let us see how good of a job the Club do to fill the seats.

Leeds United transfers and rumours

Leeds United’s fan base

First, of, let’s get the nickname out of the way, whit the more commonly used “The Whites” or “United.” However, a small group of fans and supporter also refer to the Club as “The Peacocks.” And looking at the home attendance record, the supporters do show up in quite large numbers. And for the 2019/20 season, the average crowds are around 35,000. On an away game perspective, it sure doesn’t match the home game numbers, but still, a fairly good 20,000 show up to cheer on The Whites.

Women football in Leeds United

For the recent history of the women’s team in the Club, we first need to start with the original, Leeds United Ladies team. That saw a name change in 2008 to Leeds Carnegie Ladies F.C. Due to a connection with the Carnegie College and its sports association. But, when the women’s team fell on financial hardships, the men’s F.C stepped in, and the name reverted to Leeds United Ladies again. And if you follow women’s football, you know that the name change doesn’t stop here. As most, including Leeds women’s team, have chosen to remove Ladies and replace it with Women instead. Telling us that the final name for the team is, Leeds United Women F.C. Whit accomplishments like 1 (2000/01) FA Women’s Premier League Northern Division and 1 (2010) FA Women’s Premier League Cup win, to mention the most prestigious titles.

Stakeholders and other financial interests in Leeds United

The current owner of Leeds United Football Club Limited (LUFC) is the parenting company Aser Group Holding Pte Ltd. By which is solely owned by an Italian businessman Andrea Radrizzani. And it all started in 2017 when Mr Radrizzani made a move to buy the majority shares in the Club. Although, according to corporate information available about the Club. 10% of the voting right in LUFC titles to a Delaware registered company, the 49ers Enterprises Leeds SPV LP. Also, the Club does have other partners to rely on. Like a beverage manufacturer and an online match-ticket vendor, to mention some.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

Did you know that the nickname “The Peacocks” originally came from after the owner of the pub Peacock Inn flattened the land opposite the pub to use for sports? As a result, the flat area took on the name “The Old Peacock Ground” by which the Elland Road stadium ultimately ended upon.