Huddersfield Town

In West Yorkshire, you find Huddersfield Town Association Football Club, or “The Terriers” that the Club adopted as a nickname in the late 60s. However, we are getting ahead of ourselves. And one of the first mentions of the F.C comes in 1908 and considers the year of birth for the Huddersfield Town F.C. And it only took the Club 3 years to enter the Football League Second Division for season 1910/11. By which, Huddersfield Town finished on a 13th place. Yet it was all far from a dream start. As in 1919, Huddersfield Town had to ask the supporters, fans, and local residents to buy a stake in the Club to avoid a forced merge with Leeds City. Although, even if Huddersfield Town considers 1919 to be a positive year, and outcome. It’s far from a sunshine story for Leeds City. Yet, this article is all about Huddersfield Town.

UEFA club coefficient ranking

Huddersfield Town has no recent records in UEFA competition that counts towards the coefficient ranking system. However, the result and position on the European fixture have little to none effect when looking at the Clubs domestic standings. On that note, let’s see “The Terriers” historical, but also if the Club can boast with some relative new League or Cup wins. For that, let’s dive headfirst into the next subject, and discover if Huddersfield Town won the top-flight in the UK.

How many times have Huddersfield Town won the Premier League title?

In the history of the English Premier League (EPL), the titleholder is far from a diverse list. As of now, (2020) there are only six different Clubs etched on the base of the trophy, and Huddersfield Town is not one of them. However, if we consider the First Division, the result is quite the opposite. Where Huddersfield Town ruled the League with an iron fist for three years (1923/24, 1924/25, 1925/26) in a row. Also, besides the three League wins, the Club was not quite done in the top and clung on, but as runner-up the 2 (1926/27, 1927/28) following years. Though, that’s all there is to report of number one wins in the best League in the UK. As such, we will check out the complete competition record for the Club. And see where “The Terriers” dominated the field.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Huddersfield Town

Let’s linger on a high note and the more prosperous years for the Club where we find that years surrounding the top-flight win also reveals some excellent FA Cup contribution. In fact, the Club as indeed won the FA Cup 1 (1921/22) time. Plus, snagged the 2nd position 4 (1919/20, 1927/28, 1929/30, 1937/38) times as well. Also adding to the overall contribution is 1 (1969/70) Division 2 win. Which in today’s edition would be Sky Bet Championship. But also 1 (1979/80) Division 4th victory, ultimately leading to the slow works of climbing back to the top.

Kit and colours

Like many Football Clubs in the UK, Huddersfield Town did try out a bunch of designs and colour before deciding on a final base combination to grow from. And in its first year(s) of formation, the Club did experiment with black, red, blue, and white in different combinations as home colour. However, only 2 years in, blue became the staple colour of the Club. Yet, it was not until season 1914/15 “The Terriers” wholehearted adopted the vertically blue and white stripes on the shirts. That has been the overall design and kit layout more or less ever since. There have of course been some years of deviations, but no period has endured. Where the Club always reverts to the tried and tested design. What’s more, even if the blue is the colour of choice, the shade has evolved throughout the years.

Huddersfield Town’s social responsibilities

What is the Huddersfield Town Foundation, and what purpose does the Club extension intend to have? It’s quite simple really, include the community for a long-lasting relationship. In fact, the Trust leans heavily on values like education, inclusion, and sports. Where the general goal is wellbeing, not only on a health aspect but also on an academic plane, that caters for all ages and backgrounds. All in all, the number of project and programs the directs to the close area is vast and bountiful.

Stadiums and capacity

Currently (2020) the Club play at the now named stadium “John Smith’s Stadium” that has space for 24,121 fans and supporters. Yet, the name started (1994 to 2004) up as “Alfred McAlpine Stadium” after the former British construction company erecting the stadium. That later adopted the name “Galpharm Stadium” (2004 to 2012). Which brings us to the current time and name “Kirklees Stadium” or “John Smith’s Stadium.” By which will be the name until at least 2021, which is the contract period for the stadium name rights.

Huddersfild Town transfers and rumours

Huddersfield Town’s fan base

Let’s reflect on the fact that Huddersfield approximately has a population of 163,000, of which 21,700 show up on average on every home game. Meaning that close to 14% of the townsmen support the Club when playing. But what’s more, 18,100 purchase a ticket for the away matches, telling us the rough total number of 20,000. Now, in comparison to the last season (2018/19) when “The Terriers” played in the EPL, the Club does an excellent job to maintain the traction. And same values but from the EPL season indicates a small drop of around 7% for home. Although a quite more significant change in away games with about 49% negative. All in all, currently when playing in the Sky Bet Championship the stadium operates on a 90% capacity.

Women football in Huddersfield Town

Women football in the UK is slowly gaining interest from fans and the more critical aspect, sports media. And the official women’s branch to the men’s is the Huddersfield Town Women Football Club. Also, as many women branch in the UK, the team removed “Ladies” in 2019 to make room for “women” instead, to portray a more official status. As of now, the women have 1 (2013/14) FA Northern Women’s Combination League title, 1 (2010/11) FA North East Regional Women’s Premier Division, and 2 (2016/17, 2017/18) County Cup victories.

Stakeholders and other financial interests in Huddersfield Town

In 2019 that the former owner and chairmen, Dean Hoyle sold 75% of his interest to an equally minded, Phil Hodgkinson. Well at least in the aspect of love for the Club. However, even if Mr Hoyle offloaded most of his shares in the Club, he still remains on the board. But due to understanding circumstances, it’s no longer in the capacity as chairperson, and connect with the organisations via his Director’s position instead. And as expected, the major shareholder, Dean Hoyle has taken over the helm going forward.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

Did you know that, in season 2010/11 when playing in The English Football League One, now known as the Sky Bet League One? The Club fought of its opponents 43 times, ending the matches either in a win or draw. Meaning, “The Terriers” can title themselves a silver place, just after Arsenals record-breaking season in 2003/04. Quick fact, the three stars on the Clubs crest is to pay tribute to the “Thrice Champions” in the 1920s.