Fulham as many football Club’s in the UK spawns from a dual initiative, church and cricket. And in its early days, the Club came to be after St Andrew’s Church warden’s and local teachers organised sports activities for young boys in 1879. However, for the first years, the focus was more on the cricket side. By which changed after 7 years running when the football branch increased in popularity after the West London Amateur Cup win in 1886. With the growing demand, a name change took place in 1889 to a more describing, Fulham Football Club. But also, at this point, the Club had also outgrown the park pitch fields and slowly started to move more to a professional Club. And during the course of 2 years, the Club both found a new home ground “Craven Cottage” in 1896 and official status as a professional football Club in 1898.

UEFA club coefficient ranking

The competition records for European League’s is not enough to pinpoint and exact position in current (2020) standings. Where the latest and more honourable match was in the 2010 UEFA Europa League. Meeting the Spanish La Liga Club Atlético Madrid in the final. However, the Spaniards proved to be a hard nut to crack. And Fulham ended up losing against Madrid in overtime with 1 to 2. So, what about the English Premier League (EPL) wins?

How many times have Fulham won the Premier League title?

Whatever you prefer to call the Club, “The Cottagers”, “The Lily Whites,” or “The Whites” fans are still waiting for the Club to grab its first EPL title. In fact, the Club as such usually positions themselves in the mid to lower section of the table after a season of the EPL is over. Whit a recorded best position 9th. And the same is also mirrored in the predecessor of the EPL, The First Division. As such, Fulham is still in hot pursuit to clutch a top-flight win. Although, after looking at the Club honours we find some number 1 positions. On that note, let’s check out the years, Leagues, and Cups where the Club came out on top.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Fulham

For straight Championship titles, the list is not a current affair or long for that matter. Yet, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing to be proud of. However, the latest major Cup achievement was when they won the UEFA Intertoto Cup (2002). But the Club also has 3 (1909/10, 1931/32, 1951/52) London Challenge Cup trophies. On the League side of things, the Club won 1 (2000/01) Football League Division One in the modern era. Now, taking some steps back in time we also find 2 (1948/49, 1998/99) Football League Division Two victories. And 1 (1931/32) Football league Division Three, South win. Other than the already listed top spots, the Club has some notable runner-up position like, FA Cup (1974/75) and The Football League (1958/59).

kit and colours

Originally the home kit was a combination of sky and navy blue, and white all the way from St Andrews days to the formation of Fulham F.C. By which was the staple colour for the Club until 1889 when the Club tried out a black, navy blue, and white kit. That slowly evolved into the white, black, with a red accent we see today.

Fulham’s social responsibilities

For over 20 years, the Club has engaged in multiple community activities. Where the Club believe that through different football and other sports projects, the surrounding region and its residents greatly benefit and excels in areas like employability, education, and health to mention a few. Where the Club reports that they average around 12,000 unique participants on any given year. Plus. The Club also make sure that the youngster is fully occupied during school holidays but also on weekends with their Soccer School’s programs.

Stadiums and capacity

Fulham has played on multiple fields, grounds, and stadiums throughout its existence. And it’s believed that the Club has had over 13 different locations for its home games. However, although the early days was somewhat turbulent, the home ground of Craven Cottage was quite early established in 1896. That got a brief interruption between 2002 to 2004 when they shared the home grounds, Loftus Road with Queens Park Rangers during the revamp of Craven Cottage. And has as a current (2020) capacity of 25,700. However, for season 2020/21, the size will reduce to 19,000 when improving the Riverside Stand. Although, the Club has future plans to increase the volume to 30,000 to meet the need of growing popularity.

Fulham transfers and rumours

Fulham’s fan base

To get a full understanding and complete overview, let’s take the 2018/19 season as a benchmark. Although, it has to get mentioned, for that season “The Cottagers” was playing in the EPL. And if we take all games, home and away “The Cottagers” produce an average attendance figure of 31,500. Now, if we check the current season 2019/20, the figure drops drastically to around 18,000. Effectively placing the Club in the mid to low position on attendance record in the Sky Bet Championship.

Women football in Fulham

The timeline of women’s football in Fulham starts in 1993 as the Fulham Ladies Football Club. However, the ladies got hit with some bad sponsorship and financial decisions effectively dissolving the women’s team not once but twice. First in 2006 and later in 2010. Yet, in 2014 a new attempt got on its way under the name Fulham FC Foundation Ladies. That eventually got rebranded to FC Women in 2018 after a successful agreement with the men’s team the year before. And collectively the women’s team have honours including 1 (2002/03) FA Women’s Premier League National Division win and 2 (2001/02, 2007/08) FA Women’s Premier League Southern Division victories. But also 3 (1985, 2002, 2003) FA Women’s Cup trophies. Plus 2 (2002, 2003) FA Women’s Premier League Cups, and 1 (2002/03) London County Cup win.

Stakeholders and other financial interests in Fulham

The current owner of Fulham is the American billionaire Shahid Khan That in 2013 acquired major assets in the Club from the former Club chairman Mohamed Al-Fayed when an estimated £200 Million changed hands. Moreover, the Club also has additional partners showing interest and offer another type off support, as a vehicle rental company, British banking, and a global online sportsbook operator to mention some of them.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

Did you know that The Cottagers was the first Club in the UK to offer hot dogs for sale in 1926 at the home games? Also after shortening down its name from Fulham St Andrew’s Church Sunday School F.C to Fulham F.C the original nickname, “The Saints” was put out of circulation.