Cardiff City

Cardiff City Football Club, as the name implies has its home in Cardiff, Wales. That got on the UK football timeline in 1899 as Riverside A.F.C, to extend the training season to keep the Cricket team ready for the upcoming season. However, it was not before 1900 the Club entered its first competitive season when entering the Cardiff & District League. That followed up in 1907 by, joining the South Wales Amateur League. Ultimately leading to the reformation of the Club. And a name change took place in 1908, to Cardiff City F.C. But also at the same time, the Club joined the Southern Football League. One thing led to another, and de inevitable came when joining the English Football League in 1920.

UEFA club coefficient ranking

Cardiff City has plenty of appearances in UEFA organised competitions. In fact, the Club was reasonably active in the UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup from the early 60s all the way to the beginning of the 90s. However, no real triumphs to report on, as the journey has gone no further than a Semi-finals in 1967/68. After losing against the 2nd Bundesliga Club, Hamburger Sport-Verein 2 to 3. All in all, during its European contribution in the period mentioned, the Club, featured in 14 UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup.

How many times have Cardiff City won the Premier League title?

Since the re-organisation and the launch of the English Premier League in 1992, Cardiff City has been hitting from below. As of now (2020) the best position the club has ever finished an EPL was in season 2018/19. Where the Club ended up in an 18th place, which means that the club got relegated to the Sky Bet Championship. The same is also the fact for the First Division. But, even if they have won the former top-flight in the UK, The Club has managed to grab themselves a couple of runner-up positions.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Cardiff City

Straight from the horse’s mouth, the Club has indeed raised the hands in the air as number one Club on multiple occasions. And Cardiff City has the trophies to prove it. Starting with 1 (1927) FA Cup, 1 FA Charity Shield (1927). And an abundance of Welsh Cup victories (1912, 1920, 1922, 1923, 1927, 1928, 1930, 1956, 1959, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1976, 1988, 1992, 1993), more precise 22 of them. But also 1 (1946/47) Third Division South win and 1 (1992/93) Football League, Third Division, and the FAW. Premier Cup (2002) win. Plus 1 (2008) Algarve Challenge Cup, and the most recent (2012/13) win in Sky Bet Championship.

Kit and colours

Riverside A.F.C played in a kit combined by dark colours, including black, brown, and yellow. Although, at the same time as the Club adopted the new name, Cardiff City, they also changed home colours to blue, shirt, white, shorts, and black, socks. Which endured for around 10-years, until the Club removed the black socks and supplemented them with blue instead. That is the story more or less, until 2012 when the Club utilised red and black. However, it only saw the pitch for 2 years. When the Club finally reverted to the familiar colours, blue and white.

Cardiff City’s social responsibilities

Cardiff City is heavily invested in the close community with its Foundation. That doesn’t discriminate, where they invite all walks of life to get active. But also to educate, participate, and challenge themselves. Meaning that with all the tools and resources the Club offer up it really give the participants a chance to see their full potential. And no matter if you are young, old, a family, or have a disadvantage in some way, the Foundation has something for everyone to get involved with.

Stadiums and capacity

Sophia Gardens recreational park was the old stomping grounds for the Club, between 1899 to 1910. During the first years, the Clubs reputation grew as well as the support. And the Club started to look for a new area to develop. That ultimately leading them to the garbage heap at Sloper Road. And with some elbow grease form Club representatives and volunteers, an acceptable football pitch named Ninian Park. That, later on, got replaced with the Cardiff Arms Park. Fast forward to 2009 and the completion of Cardiff City Stadium that saw an expansion in 2014 reaching a capacity of 33,280.

Cardiff City transfers and rumours

Cardiff City’s fan base

The Bluebirds or Cardiff City has regularly high live viewership from its fans. Where around 22,800 fans have so far (2020) showed up on average on any home game from the Club, which means that the Club is well within a top-10 of tickets sold. Though, it falls quite rapidly when looking at the numbers of away game support attendance. And the figure declines all the way down to 18,000. Yet, at no surprise, most of the Clubs in the Sky Bet Championship is experience the same thing. And the difference from the number one Club to the last-placed is roughly 3,000 people on average on all away games. Anyway, in total, it means that 20,500 supporters cheer on the “The Bluebirds,” with all matches taken into consideration.

Women football in Cardiff City

Despite the minor setback the men’s team has had in the late, the same is not precisely accurate for the women’s team. Where the women quite recently saw to its competition in the Women’s Welsh Premier League and crowned the winner in season 2012/13. But also, the women F.C showed excellent performance in the FA of Wales Women’s Challenge Cup. Although, the team ended up on a 2nd place after a defeat by Swansea City Ladies F.C with 2 to 4.

Stakeholders and other financial interests in Cardiff City

At this point, the major shareholder in Cardiff City Football Club Limited is the Malaysian Chinese investor and businessman, Vincent Tan Chee Yioun. Where the first stage of acquisition happened in 2010 when 30% of the shares traded place through a consortium. That ultimately resulted in an expanded interest by Mr Tan and the buy out of additional stakes in the Club, culminating to 82% in total.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

Did you know that, when Cardiff was officially granted status as a city in 1905, by King Edward VII, the Club requested to change the name from Riverside A.F.C to Cardiff City? However, the Club request saw a negative response. And it was not until the Club entered the Southern Football League in 1907 it deemed appropriate to associate the City with a football Club. And the name changed for the following season.