Bristol City

The funding days of Bristol City started as Bristol South End in 1894. However, it all got official 3-years later, 1897 when the Club got approved to play in the Southern League. Yet, one more step was in need to cement the future of the Club. And this came after joining forces with South League competitor, Bedminster F.C that later in 1901 meant that entry to the 1888 Football League was possible when the Club played their first game on September 7th against Blackpool. Although, it took a couple of more years before the Club found its home ground, Ashton Gate in 1904. On that note, let’s get things going with the Clubs football contribution, not only in the UK but across Europe as well.

UEFA club coefficient ranking

After looking closer at Bristol City archived and current (2020) performances recorded in UEFA’s notebook. The situation doesn’t change. And the Club doesn’t have enough experience in the Leagues and Cups that count towards the UEFA club coefficient ranking system, to get mentioned in it. On that reveal, we are moving on to the English Premier League (EPL) to see if the Club outwitted its competition on any occasion?

How many times have Bristol City won the Premier League title?

Most of the Club’s history has been in the scripted in the 2nd tier divisions. In fact, the best position produced in the top-flight position is a runner-up place in the First Division, for season 1906/07. Meaning that, so far (2020) The Club has not managed to perform at its best for a full season to grab the number one position, which leads us to the other achievements the Club can celebrate. For that, we will list all of Bristol City’s historical and current significant honours in the next subject.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Bristol City

Bristol City has many championship titles to be proud of, plus, some high profiled 2nd place positions. However, as the subject entitles, this section is all about gold. Starting with 1 (1905/06) Second Division Champion win 1 (2014/15) Third Division Champion, and 3 (1922/23, 1926/27, 1954/55) Third Division South victories. But the Club has also had a successful venture in a variety of Cup wins, like 3 (1985/86, 2002/03, 2014/15) Football League Trophy Wins, 1 (1933/34) Welsh Cup, and finally 1 (1977/78) Angle-Scottish Cup championship trophy. Other than that, as we mentioned before, its mostly runner-up, and lower placements in competitions as FA Cup (1909). But also 3 (1970/71, 1988/89, 2017/18) League Cup semi-finalist contributions. As of this moment (2020), the Club is taking on its competitors in the extremely competitive Sky Bet Championship.

Kit and colours

When playing under the banner Bristol South End the only difference from today was the usage of blue socks and shorts between 1894 to 1895. After that, the structure changed to the well-established red and white colour scheme that Bristol City has. That has had little to no change during the Clubs transformation and evolvement during the years. And the only experiment period was when introducing, black. Yet, obviously, the added colour didn’t stick, and it only endured briefly at the beginning of the 80s. Yet it made a comeback for season 2012/13 when the Club played with shirt split between red on the bottom while black was a feature on the upper part, more precise, the shoulders.

Bristol City’s social responsibilities

The official extension dabbing in community activities from the Club is the Bristol City Robins Foundation where the Club involves themselves in such things as iMentor. A program aimed to offer the youngster a stable environment with role models nursing positive thinking and choices. But also on the Clubs agenda is the expansion of the women’s branch where the Club offers free of charge women sports activities, including football, and general fitness to all ages. And that just some of the more profiled endeavours the Club brought to life.

Stadiums and capacity

In the south-west of Bristol, the home stadium for Bristol City, Ashton Gate locates. By which have an all-seated capacity of 27,000. Which also was the home for the merged Club Bedminster F.C. However, the current size has not always been the case. And in 2013 the planned modernisation got approved from the City. That included replacing, and expanding stands and build executive boxes, to mention some of them. That came to completion before season 2016/17 kicked-off.

Bristol City transfers and rumours

Bristol City’s fan base

To get a clear and complete overview, let’s take a sample pool from an already finished season. And for this exercise, we are going to use 2018/19 season as a benchmark. So on every home game, the Club saw 21,000 fans show up. On the away statistic of things, it also looks like a fan affair. Where around 19,800 showed up to cheer on the “The Robins.” Telling us, if we combine the home and away games, Bristol City had 20,400 supporters showing up on average on every game. That is in line with the so far reported number for season 2019/20, which is a total average of 19,600, putting the Club right in the middle of attendance records for the current (2020) Sky Bet Championship.

Women football in Bristol City

As we already mentioned, Bristol City is offering free football guidance to the female population in the region. First, of, let’s debone the structure and foundation of the women’s team in the Club. Officially the team got on its way when the team’s Bristol Rovers and Cable-Tel L.F.C joined up and merge into one, Rovers W.F.C. Although, as many women football Clubs, this was not the only notable change in the team’s history. And the team did change the name for season 2005/06 to Bristol Academy. However, the official engagement with the men’s team did not come until 2013 after agreeing on a sponsorship. Though, the affiliation to the men’s F.C took another 3-years. At the same time as the official proclamation took place, the last name change happened to, Bristol City Women’s Football Club.

Stakeholders and other financial interests in Bristol City

The Bristol City Football Club as such operates from the Bristol City Holdings Ltd. Where the main owner Stephen Lansdown controls 94.06% of the shares. Besides Mr Lansdown, there is a smaller co-owner, Keith Dawe. Although, he only has the voting right equal to 2.36% of the shares.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

Did you know that the 1908/09 FA Cup was the first time and only time Bristol City made it to the finale? But what’s more, it was also the first time the rival Club, Manchester United won the FA Cup. Another fact to put in your pocket is that the highest recorded League win for the Club was for Sky Bet League One season 2014/15. When the Club finished on 99 points, ultimately leading to the promotion to the Sky Bet Championship.