It widely accepted that in the greater London area there is on any given season roughly 13 professional football Club’s competing in one of the Leagues that concludes the top segment of football in the UK. And one of these Clubs is Brentford Football Club, that established in late 1889. However, in the case of Brentford, records are telling us what was said and where it was. And we can pinpoint the birth of Brentford down to Oxford and Cambridge pub in October 16th 1889. And that the new football extension of Brentford Rowing Club should wear claret, salmon, and light blue as home colours. The same as the parenting organisation. With the origin sorted out, let’s explore the Clubs title contribution.

UEFA club coefficient ranking

The Club might be one of the older and still active Clubs in the London area. Yet, Brentford has still not met the expectations to bring its game across to the rest of Europe. And as for now (2020) the Club has no mentions in the UEFA records that would count to gain an official position in the UEFA club coefficient ranking. As such, let’s see how the Club ventured in the English Premier League (EPL) instead.

How many times have Brentford won the Premier League title?

With such intense competition in the UK, Brentford has fallen short of grabbing the number one position in any of the Top-flight in the Country. Although, when competing for the first time in the First Division (1935/36), Brentford was the most successful London Club. Where they finished on a 5th place before Arsenal (6th) and Chelsea (8th), however, the Club has indeed stood head and shoulders above its competition on multiple occasions. Though, for that information, we need to flip the pages of history.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Brentford

Even if we need to go quite far back in history to find the more successful years of the Club. There has still been some decent League, and Cup wins in the Clubs history. So let’s start with the League titles, 1 Southern League Second Division (1900/01), 1 Football League Third Division South (1932/33), 1 (1934/35) Second Division. And 1 Football League Fourth Division (1962/63), 1 Football League Third Division (1991/92) win. But also 1 Football League Third Division (1998/99), and finally 1 Sky Bet League Two (2008/09) victories. On Cup performances, we find the following Middlesex Junior Cup (1893/94), West Middlesex Cup (1894/95), London Senior Cup (1897/98), and Middlesex Senior Cup (1897/98) wins. Plus, champion titles in Southern Professional Charity Cup (1908/09), Ealing Hospital Cup (1910/11), London Charity Fund (1928). But also 3 (1934/35), (1964/65), (1966/67) London Challenge Cup trophies.

Kit and colours

Any Brentford supporter recognises red, black, and white in a striped design as the home colours of the Club. Although these colours were not adopted until the season 1926/27. And before the final kit and colour came in place, the Club first went out on the pitch in an already disclosed claret, salmon, and light blue colour palette. Though, before deciding on the colours we see today, the Club wore a blue and white combination between 1903 to 1926.

Brentford’s social responsibilities

If you are looking for a Club in the Wester London area that has a handle on its community project and programs, Brentford, is the Club, to take notes from. With a Calendrer spanning across the months with exact entries on what the Club organises and what you can take part in. Where they reportedly engage thousands of young people helping them to develop positively. But more important, teache the youngster how to make the right decisions that will bring them closer to a life filled with healthier lifestyle choices. Worth to take note of, the different community activities cater to all ages. As such, the Club has its doors open to any interested.

Stadiums and capacity

The 12,300 capacity Griffin Park has been the home game arena for the Club since it came to completion in 1904. Yet all good things need to come to an end. And in 2018 the Club announced that they would abandon the old stadium and relocate to a brand new one. According to sources, the Club looks to move into the new “The Brentford Community Stadium” at the end of 2020. The organisation as such opted-in for the start of a new season move to accommodate any hurdles connected to the build. Looking at the available building specs, the new stadium will be able to fit 17,250 fans and supporters. But, the question is, is there any need to increase the capacity?

Brentford F.C transfers and rumours

Brentford’s fan base

Comparing the last 5 years of the Clubs attendance record in the Sky Bet Championship. The figure is slowly increasing from year to year and hovering around 10,000 plus, with a spike for season 2019/20 to around 12,000. Telling us that the Club has done its homework. And should the positive trend continue when the Brentford Community Stadium is complete? It will only be a couple of years before the Club operates the stadium on a minimum 90% capacity.

Women football in Brentford

Currently the first women’s team, The Brentford Women plays in the Greater London Women’s Football League Division One. Although the Club is not only promoting women’s professional football in the UK, with the main team. They also have an internal lower segment, the Development Team. By which as the first team have had fairly good progress in the leagues they play in.

Stakeholders and other financial interests in Brentford

The owner Matthew Benham started its financial interest in the Club as early as 2005. And this after an anonymous donation of £500,000 to help the money craving Club out. But, at that time, the only information made public was that the investor was a “lapsed fan who wanted to save the Club.” Fast forward to 2012, by then all information has gone public, and the secret investor was no longer a mystery. And by this time Mr Benham recognises as the owner and has spent close to £100,000,000 to siege full control of the Club. But also invested in multiple infrastructures and other expansion projects.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

Did you know that the nickname “The Bees” was coined after students of the Borough Polytechnic attended a game in the 1890s? Telling Brentford to “Buck up B’s” That was reported and misinterpreted as “Buck up Bees” from a local newspaper. And ever since “The Bees” has been the Clubs nickname. Fans do have their say in things, like when the Club tried to end a vicious cycle of kit change. According to Club history. During season 1960/61, the Club was sent back on multiple occasions to change into the away kit due to colour clash with the opposite team. Where the Club introduced an amber, black and blue combination. Though, due to backlash from the fans, the Club removed the kit, making it a one season occurrence.