In football history books, we read that Tiverton Preedy, a Reverend in South Yorkshire, formed the predecessor to Barnsley Football Club in 1887. However, the first formation did not just play under the banner we see today. In fact, from its early days, the Club went under the name, Barnsley St. Peter’s. With an official start in 1890 in the Sheffield and District League, followed by the Midland Leagues in 1895. And finally, in 1898, the Club secured a place in the English Football League (EFL), by then only known as the Football League. Now, before we jump in feet first, to get the full picture of the Club, we think it’s worth to bring up that the Club has had numerous nicknames thrown at them. Including, Reds, Colliers, Super Reds, and last but certainly not least, Tykes. By which is the more widely used by associated media.

UEFA club coefficient ranking

After a closer look at the UEFA records, the situation and official ranking in the system for the F.C is not the most extended read. And really, the reality is that, in the current formation and recorded performance by “The Tykes,” it doesn’t look like it will happen any time soon either. As one of the UEFA rules states. “To be eligible to participate in the competition(s).” Competitions meaning and includes such events like Europa League and Champions League. “Clubs must have qualified for the competition on sporting merit.” By which is not precisely the case for Barnsley at this time (2020). On that news, let’s find out more about the English Premier League (EPL) and other top-flight, League, and Cup contribution and results, from the Club.

How many times have Barnsley won the Premier League title?

If you like to put your football knowledge or quiz skills to the test, answer the question. How many times has Barnsley F.C won the Premier League title? Before you keep on reading. Are all done? And the answer is, none. In fact, as of yet (2020) Barnsley have only had the chance to play in the EPL 1 time, in season 1997/98. However, the overall performance in the EPL didn’t directly keep any supporter on the edge of there seats as “The Tykes” advancement to the top-flight proved too hard for the Club. Leaving the League with a division record of 82 goals against. That ultimately led to the relegation to the Football League First Division when the 1997/98 season came to closure.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Barnsley

Even if Barnsley struggled to produce a competitive team in the top-flights in the UK, the Club still has some noticeable and major honours and runner-up positions to add to its name. Let’s kick things off with a bang and its 1 (1912) FA Cup win. Yet it was not a fluke that the Club reached the FA Cup and won. As “The Tykes” two years earlier (1910) made the final as well. However, for the 1910 season, the Club couldn’t hold back the opponent, Newcastle United and finished as runner-up. Other than that, “The Tykes” also has 3 (1933/34, 1938/39, 1954/55) Division Three North victories. But also 1 (2016) Football League Trophy occupying the space in the trophy cabinet.

Kit and colours

The history is a bit vague when looking at the early days as Barnsley St. Peter’s. Though, as far as available information goes, during the St. Peter’s formation, home colours mentioned are blue, brown, white, and black in different designs. However, what we do know is that as last season as St. Peter’s the home kit consisted of a blue and white striped shirt and block-coloured shorts and socks. By which carried over to the Barnsley formation in 1897. Although the blue and white combination only endured for that season. And the following season red was introduced instead of the blue. And has since been the predominant colour and kit combination for “The Tykes”.

Barnsley’s social responsibilities

Working in close relationship with Barnsley is Reds in the Community. That is an organisation focusing on charitable ventures and other local project, programs, and sports activities. With one of the main goals; improve, but more importantly engage with the residents. And as you could expect, some of the events and educational tools are directly linked to the Clubs main business, football. All wrapped up and nurtured in four cohesive components, sports participation, education, social inclusion, and health.

Stadiums and capacity

Located on Grove Street is the home grounds for Barnsley, Oakwell Stadium. The multiple sports purpose venue according to local history got its name from the fact that the building site once had a water well and oak trees growing on it. That after multiple expansions, redevelopment plans, and stand extensions has the capacity of 23,287 spectators. Currently (2020) the owner of the stadium is the town Council but operates by the Club themselves.

Barnsley Football Club transfers and rumours

Barnsley’s fan base

Before you get on our case of the nickname, let’s pull the cord and stop the free fall. In this article, we mention and refer to the Club as “The Tykes,” which usually are the case when the media and press talk about the Club. However, on a supporter and fan bases, the more used nickname is “The Reds.” Which also features in some of the chants. Like Red army, when the Reds go marching in and come on you Reds, to mention some of them. Anyhow, back to the volume chanting on the home game, which is around 14,000. That further increases on the away games close to 19,000, resulting in a total average of 16,300. Applying some basic math, we now know that Oakwell Stadium roughly operates on a 60% capacity.

Women football in Barnsley

In 1982 the Barnsley Ladies F.C was born, and where the name for the coming 34 years. That, later on, got a suttle change in season 2016/17 to Barnsley F.C Ladies. However, the official nod came for in season 2019/20 when Barnsley Women’s Football Club Limited step in and effectively renaming the team as well. As of now (2020) the women play there matches in the FA Women’s National League Division 1 North.

Stakeholders and other financial interests in Barnsley

Barnsley Football Club Limited is wholly operational by its subsidiary business, BFC Investment Company Limited. That got official in 2017 after the former major shareholder Patrick Cryne and family decided to release 80% of the control of the Club, in favour of current co-chairman Chien Lee. Although, even if the Club hasn’t broken down its owner component to the very fine detail. We do know that as a member of the EFL, the Club has the responsibility to report larger ownership. Effectively listing seven people, including Chien Lee, Paul Conway, Grace Hung. But also Neerav Parekh, Billy Beane, Dane Murphy, and finally the Cryne Family.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

Did you know that “The Tykes” is the Club in the UK that spent the most seasons in the 2nd division, 76 and counting? As of now, the 2nd level is known as Sky Bet Championship since 2004. And before that, the same League was called Football League First Division (1992 to 2004) but started as Football League Second Division (1892 to 1992). A real fun fact is a local narrative about the less used nickname “The Colliers.” The saying went, If the Club needed a player, they went to the coal pits in the South Yorkshire and called down the shaft. True or not, it doesn’t matter; it’s a fun “fact.”