Sky Bet Championship

Or as it’s more commonly used name, the Championship or SkyBet Championship is the last stop for a football club before they advance to the Premier League. Which consequently means that it’s also in the top of the English football league (EFL) system pyramid as a whole. Although the name sounds fairly new, the origin of the fixture stems back to the late 1800s. Effectively making it not only one of the oldest in the UK but as also on a global scale. However, the Championship as we know it today has gone through a lot of changes during its course of existence. By which, we will dig deeper into to give you a good understanding of its structure. But also, we will explore the clubs, owners, popularity, and more. So, if you always wondered about the Sky Bet Championship and all function? Look no further.

Quick history

Let’s dust off the history books and get a broader knowledge about the Championship and its foundation. The early records of said Championship date to 1892, but by then known as the Football League Second Division. Which persisted for 100 years, that came to an end in 1992. Which by then changed the name to Football League First Division that remained intact until to 2004. And here is where Sky is entering the field. Consequently changing the name to Sky Bet Championship, all in the name of sponsorship. And as football as a sport and viewer participation are steadily increasing. The near future will most likely remain the same for the Sky Bet Championship. Well, that’s it in broad strokes, although there were some more changes in its history, these are the more prominent ones. Whatever the case may be, the Championship will remain the same and intact.

SkyBet Championship Table

How many teams include in the Sky Bet Championship?

At its current structure, the Sky Bet Championship makes up by 24 teams. Which means that all teams will go at it on the pitch for 46 times in one season, in the highly adopted double round-robin system. In the same fashion as the Premier League. In fact, all major media covered football played in the UK bases on the same building blocks. As such, when understanding the way, it’s played and which are the two top teams it’s an easy knowledge to transfer to the whole UK football vertical. However, even if it’s easy to understand who the total winner and runner up are. The final 3rd position can seem a bit more confusing.

A season of Sky Bet Championship

As already explained, the number of team in one season is 24 and are taking place between August to the following May. Basically, it follows the same time period as the Premier League. At the end of each season, the 2 top-ranking teams are automatically transferred up. While the 3rd all the way down to 6th place is playing for the last position in a playoff structure. Where the last position on the transfer list is clear after the 3rd place team plays against the 6th placed team 2 times. While 4th and 5th positioned teams do the same. Then after the 2 semi-finalists get confirmed a final takes place to find out who will be the last team to get promoted and put their hands on the sought-after Sky Bet Championship play-off trophy.

Who owns the League?

In the case of ownership of the Sky Bet Championship, it’s not as clear cut as the Premier League. Essentially there is a couple of ways to look at it. In some sense, you can say that Sky Sports led the charge when they won the major 2019/20 season and the following 5 year’s broadcasting rights in the UK. On the other hand, you can say that the real owners are the individual team or club owner that follows the guidelines of the English Football League (EFL). That, in the end, is the organiser of the competition.

Sky Bet Championship competition champions

To keep it relevant to the Sky Bet Championship, we only went as far back as 2004 when the name change happened. However, there is actually not one team topping the most won Sky Bet Championship titles. In fact, sharing the number one spot is actually 4 different teams with two wins each. In no particular order, we first have Sunderland (2004/05 and 2006/07). Second, Reading (2005/06 and 2011/12). Third, Wolverhampton Wanderers (2008/09 and 2017/18). And finally, Newcastle United (2009/10 and 2016/17).skybet championship

Extraordinary moments in Sky Bet Championship

In the season 2005/06 the winner, Reading stayed clear of its closes competition, finishing up the season with 106 points. In fact, that’s a 16 points difference from Sheffield United 90. And a massive 25-point difference from the play-off winner Watford.

Top goal scorers and record keepers in Sky Bet Championship

Currently, the top scorer is Glenn Murray with 30 goals in one season (2012/13). Runner up, we have Teemu Pukki and his 29 connections (2018/19). The third and final place goes to Ross McCormack and his 28 goals (2013/14). Although, should we look back to the early days of the Championship, and the 1992/93 season Guy Whittingham is still unbeaten with his 42 goals.

Live viewership and the home audience

Did you know that Sky Bet Championship is actually the 4th most popular football event? And averaging around 10,000 live visitors on every game day. That’s around 12% of the football audience in total. But what’s more surprising, the reported numbers are actually higher than what Italy’s top league Serie A manage to produce. As well, the number is steadily increasing every year that passes by. Which goes to show, the UK takes its football serious. However, keep in mind this is still an average. Plus, as the Championship is going to be more accessible with recent broadcast rights. The expectations are that even the home viewer audience will keep on growing.

Can you place bets on Sky Bet Championship?

Absolutely, the options you have to your disposal are not only widely covered by the top tier sportsbook operators in the UK. But, you can, as a matter of fact, find the same selections as Premier League has on offer. Which means no matter where your favourite team is currently playing. You will most definitely find the bets you are comfortable to place. Including in the list, you will find bet types like total goals over/under 2.5 goals and half time/full time to mention a few.