Serie B

Filing in under Serie A in the Italian football hierarchy is naturally Serie B. Meaning that it’s the second-highest professional division currently running in the country. However, football fans may refer to it as the Campionato Cadetto. That loosely translates to, junior championship. Although, in its current official format, the League names Serie BKT. Telling us that there are a main contributor and benefactor to the League. By which have been active for decades, in fact, going into season 2020/21 the League is actually celebrating its 90 consecutive seasons. Although it has gone through some changes during its existence. That we will explore further as we look deeper into the structure and the history of the League. On that note, let’s get right into it and investigate the origin of Serie B.

Quick history

Serie B stems from a championship that dates back to 1904. That included a mix of youth and senior clubs from cities around Italy. That originally refers to as the Seconda Categoria, and as the name indicates, it was Italy’s 2nd highest division. Although the name still remains in the football pyramid, since season 2014/15 it refers to the 8th tier level instead. However, back to Serie B and its modern adaptation, which widely accepts to be around 1928/29 season, this after the North and South League finally re-joined which you can read a bit more into detail in the covered topic, Serie A. Yet, its real official status as the National Professional League Serie B didn’t happen until July 1st 2010. Though the history of said League has gone through some major more significant change over the years, let’s move on to the clubs in Serie B.

Serie B Table

How many teams include in Serie B?

As complex as the history of Serie B is, the same is true for the number of clubs competing. As such, it would take more than a brief explanation to cover the complete structure from its origin to 2020. In fact, since 1929 the number of competing clubs has changed 20 times. Where the low was in 1936/37 season with only 16 teams. And a high of 24 different clubs for season 2003/04. Well, that if we disregard the North and South League dispute between the clubs and FIGC, or post-war times. And if we instead put a focus on Serie B and 2019/20 season we are looking at 20 clubs that compete for the cup Ali della Vittoria trophy, or Wings of Victory. That takes its name from the goddess, Nike.

A season of Serie B

The first half or “andata” of Serie B, 19 matches take place, where all clubs plays each other one time. Followed by the second half “ritorno”, where the order reverses. Meaning that if team 1 played against team 2 at their home stadium in the first half, the new matchup is now going down at team 1 home arena instead. Effectively making it 38 match-days for one season. By which stretches between August to the following May. At the end of each season, the top 3 teams promote to Serie A. Where the 2 first teams automatically move up while the 3rd positions could go through a play-off with the team on 4h position if the point difference is less the 10 points. While the bottom 4 team relegates to Serie C. In the same, but reversed structure, with a 5-point separation instead.

Who owns the League?

As many Leagues in Europe, Serie B is a company; as such, it answers to an overseeing board or Council. Including in the organisation, we, therefore, see a general assembly guided by a president. Followed by a vice president, and a general manager. Auditors and an ethics committee further back that. But they also need to fall in line in a legal aspect of financial reporting, that stretches from July 1st to June 30th. All in all, the League is a business that derives its profit from football.

Serie B competition champions

Splitting the first position with 6 wins are Atalanta B.C (1927/28, 1939/40, 1958/59, 1983/84, 2005/06, 2010/11) and Genoa C.F.C. (1934/35, 1952/53, 1961/62, 1972/73, 1975/76, 1988/89). Although, B.C could count as the overall winner as they ended up as runner-up 3 times compared to Genoa C.F.C’s 1. As such, the first place goes to Atalanta B.C. As a result, the second-place, therefore, goes to Genoa C.F.C. When it comes to the third place, we are looking at S.S.D Palermo and its 5 trophies (1931/32, 1947/48, 1967/68, 2003/04, 2013/14). That also have Genoa C.F.C beaten with 2nd place position by 1.serie b

Extraordinary moments in Serie B

To leave the region Lombardia of Italy unmentioned would not be fair. And not only are the north district known for its fashion, high-end shops, and top-end restaurants by many. But true football fans know that it houses the very best of what Italian football has to offer. And as a region, they have laid claim to the trophy 20 times with Atalanta B.C (6), Brescia Calcio (4), Como 1907 (3), Varese Calcio (3), A.C. Milan (2), Mantova FC (1), and Aurora Pro Patria 1919 (1).

Top goal scorers and record keepers in Serie B

The current number one place holder is Stefan Schwoch that on 135 occasions connected to the opponent’s net. However, he has Daniele Cacia breathing down his neck with 134 successfully finishes. And even the third man in, Andrea Caracciolo is in the running to lay claim to the fame with 132 goals. Although the positioning and overall record-holder will most definitely see a change in the near future. As Stefan Schwoch is officially retired from professional football while both Daniele Cacia and Andrea Caracciolo still pursuing their careers as of the writing of this topic 2020.

Live viewership and the home audience

Checking the reports available we looking at an average attendance of around 7,400 people that buy tickets to the matches. Where the top clubs draw around 10,000 and the less fortunate ones only see crowds of 4,000. Which is also reflecting in the home audience. Basically, the matches are only available on the really big sports broadcasting networks. Plus, you do get the option from some of the social media platforms focusing on videos to pay-per-view.

Can you place bets on Serie B?

You certainly can place bets and find betting tips here, even if the coverage is not as vast as it is on the top division in Italy, Serie A. You still get a decent spread of available bets to take part in. Although, don’t expect to see a fully stocked market with all bet types present. But still, there will be bet like match results, over and under, and some handicap betting. All in all, a typical match will contain all from 100 to 180 different bets for you to have a look at. But, keep in mind the offer may differ hugely depending on what bookmaker you utilise.