West Ham United

In the heart of football Clubs in London is West Ham United Football Club, that is amongst Clubs in the UK that saw the light during the very start of the structural work of English football. Where the Club can get traced back to 1895 from Thames Ironworks F.C, that endured for 5 years. Then after the disbandment, the new Club was official, and they relaunched under the name West Ham United in 1900. Where the newly formed Club played in both the Western and Southern League until 1919 when they joined 1888 formed English Football League (EFL) system. Eventually taking them to the top-flight League, First Division in 1923.

UEFA club coefficient ranking

West Ham United has plenty of games that count towards the UEFA club coefficient ranking system. Although, the matches that do count for the points staring to be slightly outdated. Yet, the Club still holds a firm 89th position. Trailing slightly after Southampton F.C, but on the other side of things, the gap from the Eredivisie Club Feyenoord Rotterdam (90th) is fairly comfortable. Now, on the 10-yer perspective, West Ham United (89th) find themselves in good company. Where they surround by all UK Club, from Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C (84th) to Aston Villa (97th).

How many times have West Ham United won the Premier League title?

Since the start of the English Premier League (EPL) in 1992, West Ham United are still looking for the ball to roll in their favour. In fact, the best-performed position in the EPL came in season 1998/99 with a 5th place. And typically the Club lands in between 9th to 15th place after a season gets finished up in the EPL. Where the similarities also echoed in the former top-flight, First Division. However, let’s find out where the Club has a better track record and dominated the field. Taking us to the next subject, the Clubs conquests.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by West Ham United

The titles in the highest tier in English football might not be a laundry list. Although, there are many accomplishments worth celebrating over at West Ham United. And in no particular order, first, we have 2 (1957/58, 1980/81) wins in the Football League Second Division. Followed by 1 (1906/07) Western Football League victories, and 1 (1964) FA Charity Shield title. But also 1 (1963) International Soccer League win. Plus, a good collection of Cup wins, like 3 (1963/64, 1974/75, 1979/80) FA Cup successes. And 9 (1924/25, 1925/26, 1929/30, 1946/47, 1948/49, 1952/53, 1956/57, 1967/68, 1968/69) London Challenge Cup champion positions, 3 (1951, 1955, 1959) Essex Professional Cup’s. This amongst 1 (1940) Football League War Cup, 1 (1956) Southern Floodlit Cup, 1 (1964/65) European Cup Winners Cup, and 1 (1999) UEFA Intertoto Cup wins. Now, looking at the years, it doesn’t take much investigation to recognise the prime years of the Club.

Kit and colours

West Ham United is one of the few Clubs in the UK that has always worn the same home colours since the days of origin. That has consisted of claret or sky blue, maroon, and white since the official formation in 1900. Even the design has more or less remained the same, a maroon chest with claret arms and white shorts. That has features a well established UK online sportsbook operator as shirts sponsored for the last 7 years.

West Ham United’s social responsibilities

West Ham United went just that extra little bit further than the rest of the EPL Clubs when they launched the “the Player’s Project”. Where players from both the women’s and men’s team donate their time to the community in different programs. In fact, last year alone it counted to over 300 hours that can get directly linked to somewhere around 2000 local people and businesses. Including in the 30 plus projects, the men and women offer help and guidance in areas like education, community initiatives, and of course, football. In the great scheme of things, as the project splits between multiple branches. The Club estimates that over 50,000 includes or engage in some form of activity brought by the Club on a yearly bases.

Stadiums and capacity

West Ham United said farewell to their 112-year-old home, Boleyn Ground in 2016. After the redevelopment plans of the Boleyn Ground came true, where the old stadium would turn into retail, housing, and a leisure venue. Yet, the deal was only made available after the Club finalised the details in the move to Olympic Stadium, that is now known as the London Stadium. With a current seated capacity of 66,000 peoples. Making it the 3rd largest sports venue in London, just after Twickenham Stadium (82,000) and Wembley Stadium (90,000).

West Ham transfers and rumours

West Ham United’s fan base

The nickname for the Club and its supporters are often, “The Hammers.” Though, other names commonly used is also “The Irons” and “The Academy of Football.” Where the names take the early reference from the Club formation, Thames Ironworks F.C. And the following are quite up there, with West Ham United usually plays in front of around 60,000 fans and supporters on any home game. And it’s not only the stadium-size that have the Club on a 3rd place. In fact, the Club ranks in on the same place in home game attendance. Beaten by Manchester United F.C (72,000) and Arsenal F.C (60,000 plus).

Women football in West Ham United

The organisation did try to spark life in the women’s league as early as the 1970s. Yet a short-lived venture they made a new try in 1991 and brought the Ladies back. So far the women have shown great progress, especially in the later years. With honours compiled of FA Women’s Premier League Plate (2017/18), Isthmian League Women’s Cup (2017/18), and 2 (2008/09, 2010/11) Essex FA County Cup trophies. But also 2 (2000/01, 2001/02) Greater London Regional Premier League, and South East Combination League win (2004/05).

Stakeholders and other financial interests in West Ham United

Currently (2020) the 2 largest shareholder is the Welsh-born David Sullivan (51.1%) and the Englishmen David Gold (35.1%). That together has shared custody of the Club with a Joint-Chairmanship. More than that, the West Ham United limited liability company (WHU LLC) controls by 10% from the American Billionaire J Albert Smith. Plus 3.8% from some minor investors.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

Did you know that the agreement put in place between the owner of the London Stadium and West Ham United, grants the Club access to the stadium for 99 years? Another fact to save for later is that the Club is 1 of 8 Clubs in the EFL that has never gone below the 2nd tier. This amongst Tottenham Hotspur F.C, Newcastle United F.C, Liverpool F.C, Everton F.C, Manchester United F.C, Chelsea F.C, and Arsenal F.C.