It was almost 136 years ago; Southampton Football Club came on to the football scene in the UK. More precise, the funding days can trace back to 1885. With a Southampton’s church initiative, St Mary’s Church of England Young Men’s Association Football Club. That later in 1887 got shorten down to St Mary’s FC. By which sparked the nickname the Club caries to this day, “‘The Saints.” However, they ultimately ended up with the name Southampton after joining the newly established Southern League championships. By which Southampton has won 6 times, resulting in a rather large following and reputation of being unstoppable. So, how has the performance of Southampton been ever since? For that, we need to review more Club and UEFA history, and other football kept records.

UEFA club coefficient ranking

Looking at the official UEFA Club coefficient ranking page, we find that Southampton F.C falls in on a rather good 88th place. With Everton F.C (87th) coming in just before and West Ham United F.C (89th) right after. Yet, interestingly enough on the 10-year comparison, the Club still remain in the same place with different surrounding teams, like Leicester City and West Ham United. Worth to keep in mind, as the UEFA Club coefficients bases on a 5-year past time Champions and Europa League competition results, it doesn’t take much to jumble up the order of current Clubs and positions. Where a gap year can really add to a negative value, at the same time result in a drastic change if active in said Leagues.

How many times have Southampton won the Premier League title?

As a matter of fact, Southampton is still working on achieving a top-flight title. With the best recorded 2nd place position in the Football League First Division in season 1983/84. And a 6th place in the English Premier League (EPL) for the quite recent season 2015/16. And should we implement a median number on the Club and its years in the EPL, it looks like they situate around 13th place. With the low point in season 2004/05 when they got relegated. Yet, Southampton is playing in the EPL, meaning they performed well in The English Football League Championship. Or Sky Bet Championship as it’s known these days. In fact, the Club lingered in the lower divisions for 7 years until getting promoted back to the EPL in season 2012/13.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Southampton

The Club has lived on the edge of extinction in many occasions in modern era making it through by runner-up place positions. But, as we already know the Club preformed on an expert level during its early days with 6 Southern League wins (1896/97, 1897/98, 1898/99, 1900/01, 1902/03, 1903/04). However, the Club does have some notable recent wins under their belt. With 1 Football League Division Three title (1959/60), 1 (1921/22) Football League Third Division South win. But also some Cup victories, like 1 (1975/76) FA Cup win and 1 (2009/10) Football League Trophy.

Kit and colours

The only change in the home colours for Southampton is going from blue to a black. And even when playing under the banner, St Mary’s the Club utilized a three colour combination consisting of white, red, and blue. Where the blue contribution lasted until 1949 before trading it in for black at the start of season 1950/51. That has been part of the Clubs colour code ever since. Although the trend is clear for the home kit, the same is not true for the way and third kit. Where they have worn all type of designs and colours.

Southampton’s social responsibilities

it’s not hard to see that all EPL Clubs does it’s very best to give back to the community that supports them in its efforts to bring joy and excitement delivered from the football pitch. And the same goes for Southampton as well. Where they have the Saints Foundation focuses on 3 main points. Make people realise their own potential, empowerment. And to try to live a more active life, health. But also, portray a positive place in the community, involvement. And it’s not all directed to the youth segment, as the Club organise competitive football for people with disabilities and to the senior demographic as well.

Stadiums and capacity

Southampton plays on the relatively newly built St Mary’s Stadium. That got on its way in late December of 1999 and reaching completion in 2001 for a reported sum of £32 million. Plus, the move to St Mary’s Stadium was not only a modernisation from the old “The Dell” on Milton Road it also doubled the capacity. Where “The Dell” only catered for 15,000 people while the new stadium could house 32,505 fans.

Southampton transfers and rumours

Southampton’s fan base

The Club has no shortage of supporters in the surrounding area, but also a quite widespread overall support across the UK. Plus, they are slowly gaining some positive traction over the globe. Especially after the majority shareholder Mr Gao entered in August 2017. On an attendance point of view, the Club almost play for a fully packed stadium on every home game. Where roughly 30,000 tickets get sold or are pre-owned as a season pass on every match.

Women football in Southampton

Currently, the Southampton F.C. Women play in the FA Women’s National League. By which is the 4th tier in the National League in the UK for women. On a performance base, the team has some notable wins to boast with, Like 1 (2017/18) Southern Region Women’s Football League, First Division win. And 1 (2018/19) Southern Region Women’s Football League, Premier Division Champion title. On a Cup level, they also have 1 (2018/19) League Cup trophy.

Stakeholders and other financial interests in Southampton

The short and thick of things the main control of St Mary’s Football Group Limited holds by Lander Sports International Investment Co, Ltd. With the main shareholder Gao Jisheng. However, recent information (2020) tell us that Mr Jisheng has invited a broker to look into the situation. And potentially sell his interest in the Club. As such, it’s more than likely that the Saints will be operational under new ownership in the near future.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

Did you know that in season 1988/89 “The Saints” made the first entry in the history books by starting the brother trio Raymond, Rodney, and Danny Wallace in a First Division game? On another note, not the record you want to get remembered by. But in 2019 Southampton equalled the 24 old records when they lost against Leicester City with 0 against 9. This record was previously solely owned by Ipswich Town F.C. Set back in the EPL match against Manchester United F.C in 1995.