Norwich City

Roughly 100 miles North-East from London in the county of Norfolk, you find the City, Norwich. That populates with around 142,000 people and one English Premier League Club the Norwich City Football Club. Or Norwich City F.C for short. However, the fans and supporters to the Club refer to the team as the “Canaries” or in some cases, simply “City”. That has been competing in the UK’s favourite sport, football since 1902. And according to records, the Club saw the light in a Café in the centre located, White Lion Street. Where the first game played at the sports venue, Newmarket Road. Yet, the location only lasted for a couple of years when they moved on to the “The Nest.” Though, due to increasing crowds and the Football Associations growing concerns if the place was suitable. The Club finally moved on to the Carrow Road in 1935.

UEFA club coefficient ranking

As some of the English Premier League (EPL) Clubs, Norwich City has insufficient matches played in the UEFA system to qualify in the club coefficient ranking. In fact, the first time and actually the only time the Club contributed to the ranking was in the 1993/94 UEFA Cup. When they made it to the 2nd leg, third round, only to get defeated by the Serie A team, Inter Milan, that eventually went on winning the whole thing. But, how as the Club performed in Leagues in the UK? For that, we need to turn to the EPL and other performance records.

How many times have Norwich City won the Premier League title?

Little to nothing to report in the aspect of EPL titles. And the same goes for the First Division that ran before the formation of the current top-flight competition. And the best position the Club ever preformed is 4th (1988/89) in the First Division. Yet, for the EPL inauguration season (1992/93) things looked promising. When they ended up on a 3rd place, just 2 points (72) after Aston Villa. And 12 points after the winner Manchester United. That ultimately lead to to a rollercoaster ride for the Club, where they have seen relegation and promotion on multiple occasions. But surely the Club has achieved better than its competition to be in the EPL. On that note, let’s explore the records further.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Norwich City

Well, you guessed it, Norwich City has in fact conquered its opposition on multiple occasions. So, first, let’s check out the League wins. Starting with 4 (1971/72, 1985/86, 2003/04, 2018/19) EFL SkyBet Championship victories. And 2 (1933/34, 2009/10) Sky Bet League One victories. Taking us to the Cup wins. And the only real Cups of importance to report is 2 (1962, 1985) Carabao Cup titles. Finding that the winning years and League and Cup names not matching? Well, this is due to the English Football League (EFL) reorganisation and new sponsorship agreements. However, we do have a complete timeline where we have all the year’s names accounted for right here on site. Where we explore all the Leagues and Cup’s included in the EPL pyramid.

Kit and colours

For the most part, Norwich City has played in yellow, and green as its home colour. With some exceptions, 1903 to 1907, and 1923 to 1927 when they used blue and white as the predominant colour set up. Tough, since the start of season 1927/28, the colour of choice has been what they carry today. But that has not been the case for the away and third kit. Where they have worn all types of combinations of design and colours. And for season 2019/20 the away kit features a main colour palette of red, while the third kit is mostly charcoal-grey.

Norwich City’s social responsibilities

The closest relationship the Club has to the community is the Norwich City Community Sports Foundation (CSF). That’s the official charity partner of the Club. With some important and clear vision goals, to help and support the most disadvantaged segments in the community. And through its organisation and love for the sport, CSF brings help to around 38,000 people every year. Plus, they also host holiday soccer schools, charity, and fundraising events to mention a few of their passions outside the pitch.

Stadiums and capacity

To fill the home grounds of Norwich City, Carrow Road, we are looking at a number of 27,244 people. That the Club is doing a good job to achieve, with a reported home average attendance of around 27,000. Placing them roughly in the same position as Crystal Palace F.C (25,000) and Southampton F.C (29,000). Yet, the Club revealed in 2019 that they purchased land surrounding the stadium to help the Club grow in a long term strategy. But, before we will see any expansion or other capacity project break ground, it’s likely that the Club first need to establish a stronger foothold in the EPL.

Norwich City transfers and rumours

Norwich City’s fan base

With the number of attendance on the home games, we know that the Club fills the stadium to almost full capacity in every match. Which should indicate one thing, the support for the Club is well nourished and well taken care of. And the support reached well beyond the UK, with official affiliate organisations in Asia, Australia, U.S, and many other countries in Europe, all calling themselves the Canaries.

Women football in Norwich City

The Norwich City Women FC, formerly known as Norwich City Ladies, founded in 1998. This after the 2 rivals Norwich Racers and Norwich Ladies assembled under one name. Currently, the Women’s team play in the 4th tier of the women’s football pyramid, more precise in the FA Women’s National League South-East Division 1. On the performance side of things, the highest honourable wins we find 3 (2003/04, 2009/10, 2013/14) win in the League Cup.

Stakeholders and other financial interests in Norwich City

Going into season 2019/20 the main shareholder(s) in the Club was the wife and husband duo, Delia Smith and Michael Wynn-Jones. However, in 2019 they openly told the associated press that. “We are open to potential wealthy investors if they have the club’s best interests at heart.” Plus, Norwich City FC is a public listed entity. Meaning that it makes up close to 10,000 individual shareholders, all in all, other than the actual part-owner’s the Club also have plenty of financial and support from external sources. Including in the list is well-established online bookmakers, operating in the UK amongst others.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

Did you know that Norwich City has one of the oldest football chants currently in use in the world? The “On the Ball, City,” believes to originate in the 1890s, composed by Albert T Smith, one of the first directors to the Club in 1902. Also, it’s thought that the name “Canaries” comes from the breeding of said bird in the area by European refugees. True or not, what is a fact, is that before 1907 and the nicknamed Canaries came into play. They were actually known as “The Citizens.” With no colourful history explanation, it was simply a direct reference to “city” in Norwich City.