Newcastle United

The history and first seed planted that set the roots for Newcastle football goes way back to 1878. Where we see the first mention under the name Tyne Association. Yet, the true foundation of the Club is when Stanley Cricket Club of Byker branched out and formed a football Club in 1881, Newcastle East-end F.C. Plus, on the other side of town the story leading us to the final result is very similar. Where the Newcastle West-end F.C was the outcome of West-end Cricket Club football expansion in 1882. But, ultimately in 1892 the two competing teams in Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle West-end F.C and Newcastle East-end F.C merge to form a United Front. And the outcome of the decision resulted in the name still used today, Newcastle United. And as old as the cornerstones are in the Club, the same is true for the stadium, St. James’ Park.

UEFA club coefficient ranking

The short answer to Newcastle United current (2020) coefficient ranking is, they simply lack UEFA ranking competition experience. Well at least in the last years, were the last official ranked match was in 2012/13 UEFA Europa League. Where they performed quite good, reaching the Quarter-finals and played against S.L Benfica. Although they came losing out of that battle. However, S.L Benfica finally got the short end of the stick in the final against Chelsea F.C. with 1 to 2. But, if we look 10 years back, we do find that Newcastle United still has a place in the club coefficient ranking on 93rd place. Just before Stoke City F.C (94th) but after Wigan Athletic F.C (92nd).

How many times have Newcastle United won the Premier League title?

As of yet, the Club is still working on getting an English Premier League (EPL) win. However, looking at the broader scope of things, the Club has indeed won the top-flight in the UK. But all achievements are in the early days when the EPL was the First Division. In fact, they won it 4 times (1904/05, 1906/07, 1908/09, 1926/27). Meaning that in the whole scheme, Newcastle United is in the top-10 of UK Clubs if all Leagues and Cups takes into consideration. On that note, let’s get the full vertical of the Clubs competition record.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Newcastle United

With the previous topic out of the way let’s get started with The English Football League Championship, or Sky Bet Championship as its more commonly referred to. By which they won 4 (1964/65, 1992/93, 2009/10, 2016/17) times. Plus, the record also reflects a good performance in the FA Cup with 6 (1909/10, 1923/24, 1931/32, 1950/51, 1951/52, 1954/55) wins. Followed by 1 (1909) FA Charity Shield victory. And 1 (1906/07) Sheriff of London Charity Shield, 1 (1968/69) Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, and 1 (2006) UEFA Intertoto Cup trophy. It might not be as prestige filled as previously mentioned, but the Club also has 1 (1973) Anglo-Italian Cup win. And finally 2 (1973/74, 1974/75) Texaco Cup Victories. Which concludes the current honourable wins and achievements by Newcastle United.

Kit and colours

Due to the complex nature, origin and set up of the Club we are only going to cover the kit and colour from the Newcastle United foundation in 1892. Where they actually started playing in red and white until 1894, where they adopted the familiar, black and white stripes. And since then the home colour and kit has always featured the stripes in some way. And the only noticeable evolution is in the thickness of the stripes themselves. When looking at the away and third kit, there is no real common denominator, and both of the kits have featured all possible colours and design combinations. And for the latest season (2019/20) the away colour is deep green, while the third kit is Orange.

Newcastle United’s social responsibilities

The Club has a long-standing history of giving back to the community by using their popularity in the City to engage, inspire, and nurture dreams. In fact, they run an award-winning charity organisation since 2008, Newcastle United Foundation. Reaching over 50,000 members of the community yearly helping families come together in an array of educational projects, health, sports, and of course, football.

Stadiums and capacity

The 8th largest stadium in the UK designated for football is St James’ Park. And we already know that the Club use the stadium as home ground. That they have done since 1892. Yet, the stadium has seen football games as early as 1880. Currently, St James’ Park can handle a capacity of all-seated crowds as big as 52,388. However, there have been talks to expand the stadium on multiple occasion. Which has caused a slight turmoil in the City from the council, but also from the residents. Where suggestions surfaced in the 60s and 90s to move the Club to a different stadium. Yet, as we know the outcome, it’s safe to say that, the Club is more likely to remain exactly where they are.

Newcaste United transfers and rumours

Newcastle United’s fan base

The nickname, “The Magpies” are more used to describe the Club as such. And when it comes to the supporters, they are often referred to as the “Geordies” or the “Toon Army.” That is both directly linked to the City. Where “Geordies” comes from the local dialect in North East England, more precise the Tyneside area. And “Toon” is the pronunciation of town in the local dialect. With that out of the way, it’s estimated that the Club has an average of 50,000 fans on their home games on any given season played in the EPL for the last years.

Women football in Newcastle United

Newcastle United Women is an English women’s football club, connected with Newcastle United F.C, founded in 1989. Yet, it was not before 2016 the women and men officially tied the knot and became directly affiliated with each other. The women’s team as such resides in the FA Women’s National League Division One North, for now (2019/20).

Stakeholders and other financial interests in Newcastle United

As for now (2020), Newcastle United Limited is the owner of Newcastle United Football Club. However, it’s all ultimately Mike Ashley that controls it via, MASH Holdings Limited. And we say for now, as there has been some interest from the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia to broker a deal in the ownership of the Club. And we simply have to see if the discussions will lead to new ownership before 2019/20 season is over. Other than that, the Club also have external partners like well recognised online sports betting operators in the UK. But also a brewing company and car dealership amongst its partners.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

How did Newcastle United decide on the black and white stripes? Well, to be completely honest, there is no real official record telling us the story. However, there is a couple of theories floating around out there. One of them is the connection to the St. Dominic’s Priory, which is closely located to the St James’ Park. Where the friars wore black and white robes. Another theory is that both the nickname and colours come from nesting magpies in St James’ Park. But let’s focus on facts, did you know that Newcastle United together with Stockport County F.C holds the record for largest scoreline in English football in the UK? This after beating Newport County in 1946 with 13-0.