Manchester City

At no direct surprise, one of the English Premier League Club in Manchester is Manchester City Football Club. However, the name has not always been the one the Club use today. And in its foundation by 2 churches in 1880, they started as St. Mark’s Gorton. In an attempt to curb a rise in violence and other related outcomes to a high unemployment rate in East Manchester. Where they welcomed all walks of life, religion put aside. That persisted until 1887 were they then renamed themselves to Ardwick Association Football Club. And it was not until 1894 the Club took on the well-known Manchester City name. But it was not before 1899 the Club entered the relative newly formed English Football League. And it took the Club 5 years to rise to fame in its first-ever major honourable win in 1904.

UEFA club coefficient ranking

At it’s current (2020) performance record, we find that Manchester City is the best positioned Club from the UK, with its 6th place. However, interestingly enough, if we look at the top 10 for the same time period, there are actually 3 more UK Clubs on roughly the same points. With Arsenal FC (10th), Manchester United FC (9th), and Liverpool FC (8th). Although, with a larger time span of 10-years Manchester City do fall out from top-10. And land on a 14th position. While Arsenal FC climbs (9th) equally to Manchester United FC (6th). As well a new Club entering the list, namely Chelsea F.C (5th). Worth to keep in mind, the UEFA club coefficient ranking operates in a dynamic way and positions and current place holders could get changed in order. Depending on how the individual Clubs perform in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League seasons.

How many times have Manchester City won the Premier League title?

To be time and name accurate, Manchester City has walked away on 4 (2011/12, 2013/14, 2017/18, 2018/19) occasions as the English Premier League (EPL) winner. Plus, they also conquered the opposition 2 (1936/37, 1967/68) more times as First Division winner. So all in all, the Club has got crowned the top-flight winner in the UK 6 times all taken into consideration. But, that’s not all the prosper performances the Club has achieved in its existence. On that note, let open the trophy cabinet over at Manchester City and see what else is hiding in there.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Manchester City

Before we get going, keep in mind that names of same Leagues and Cups have changed since its origin and years mentioned on a certain competition may also refer to same in structure and meaning but with a different name. So let’s start with the 7 (1898/99, 1902/03, 1909/10, 1927/28, 1946/47, 1965/66, 2001/02) Second Division or EFL Championship wins as it names now. Followed by 6 (1903/04, 1933/34, 1955/56, 1968/69, 2010/11, 2018/19) FA Cup victories. But that’s not all in Cup wins, as they also have won 7 (1969/70, 1975/76, 2013/14, 2015/16, 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20) EFL Cup or Carabao Cup as its current name. And 6 (1937, 1968, 1972, 2012, 2018, 2019) FA Community Shield wins. Plus, we can’t forget when they fought for the victory in UEFA’s Cup Winners’ Cup (1969/70).

Kit and colours

Originally home kit and the colour was white shorts, black socks and a shirt with a white cross on the chest. Although this was only during its very early days. Though, before Manchester City officially got recognised the Club tried out different combination of dark blue, sky blue, white, and black. And from it’s on the paper formation, Manchester City has always favoured sky blue and white as its predominant home colour’s. Leading us to the away and third kit. Yet, trying to mention all variations and combinations from its origin would be impossible. However, the most recent announced (2020) colours are all-black for the away kit. While the third kit it’s a gradient going from peach to yellow starting from the shorts, with all yellow socks.

Manchester City’s social responsibilities

The Club has been active in its social responsibilities for a long time in the surrounding areas. For instance, in 1986, they founded the “City in the Community (CITC).” Basically, they use football as a tool to attract and create opportunities for young people. With 3 main goals, inclusion, health, and education. So far, the CITC project has been a huge success with over 40,000 participants over 13,000 hours every year. Plus, the Club also involve themselves in such things as fundraising, awareness projects, and different charity organisations.

Stadiums and capacity

Officially the home grounds for Manchester City names Etihad Stadium, due to quite obvious reasons. Yet, many fans and residents call it from its original name “The City of Manchester Stadium.” With a current capacity of 55,097. That almost got filled to max during its record-breaking attendance match between Manchester City versus Leicester City in 2016. When 54,693 showed up to support City, the Citizens, or Sky Blues, whatever nickname you prefer to use.

Manchester City transfer and rumours

Manchester City’s fan base

It’s reported that the Club has an average attendance of around 45,000 on a 5-year time span. Which include all the matches, home and away. And no matter how you put it, the attendance and support to the Club is quite impressive. Although, the Club saw a dip in its relegated state in the 90s when the figure dropped with almost 10,000. Yet, it’s been on an up worth spiral the last years and steadily increased from year to year.

Women football in Manchester City

As most of the acknowledged women’s team in the UK, the Manchester City W.F.C has also chosen to take on a more professional approach. And drop the former name Manchester City Ladies F.C, with the emphasis on the “ladies” portion. This to sound more official and attractive to the football fans and related markets. And have done fairly good in the Leagues and Cups they participated in. For instance, they won the Football Association Women’s Super League (2016), and FA Women’s National League North (2011/12). And that is only some of the more prominent victories under their belt.

Stakeholders and other financial interests in Manchester City

The largest owner of the Club since 2008 is Sheikh Mansour, which considers being one of the wealthiest football club owner in the world, with an estimated 30 Billion net worth. Where he controls 86.21% via the company Abu Dhabi United Group Investment & Development Limited.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

Although agent history, did you know that when the Club called Maine Road football stadium home in 1934, they broke the all-time high home attendance record in English football. When they filled the arena with 84,569 supporters to watch the game against Stoke City go down. By which they wone with 1 against 0 only 15 minutes in when Eric Brook hit perfection from the left corner flag. And in a combination of Brook’s well-executed cross and the goalkeeper’s misjudgement, the ball ended up in the net. And, to this day, many fans, not only of the Club but in football in general still refer to the match as one of the most epic FA Cup game ever played.