Leicester City

The full name of the Club is Leicester City Football Club or LCFC for short. That play on the home grounds King Power Stadium that resides in the East Midlands of the UK. However, the Club first started off as Leicester Fosse F.C in 1884 playing on an open field near the famous Fosse Road. But in 1891 it became a bit more official when they moved on to the Filbert Street football stadium. Although it was not until 1894, they got selected to play in the Football League, formed back in 1888. Still, the team remained as Leicester Fosse F.C until 1919, when they finally adopted the current name. Yet, it was not before 2002 they moved into the then known Walker Stadium, which since is renamed to, King Power Stadium. And there you have it, a fast boiled down version of the origin of the Midlands team.

UEFA club coefficient ranking

If we only compare the Clubs from the Midlands, Leicester City comes in on 1st place with and 70th position. With Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C on 2nd place (85th). However, if we look at a bigger sample group of 10-years, the order is reversed. Were the Wolfs are in 1st place (85th) while Leicester City comes in on 2nd (88th). But also featuring in the larger sample pool is Aston Villa (98th). So, let’s see how Leicester City perform domestically, more precise in the Premier League.

How many times have Leicester City won the Premier League title?

We don’t have to go that far back in history to find a win in the English Premier League (EPL) for, Leicester City. In fact, it was as recently as the season 2015/16 the Club stood head and shoulders above the competition. Finishing up the season with a comfortable 10-point lead (81) from the runner-up Arsenal F.C (71). But how has the Club performed in other settings and competitions? For that, we need to hit the brakes and reverse back in time.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Leicester City

With the EPL out of the way, let’s focus on the rest of the Clubs achievements. Worth to keep in minds, due to structural changes in the English Football League (EPL) the names of the Leagues has seen some changes. But to keep up with the modern era, we will refer to the latest names. First, we have 7 Sky Bet Championship wins (1924/25, 1936/–37, 1953/54, 1956/57, 1970/71, 1979/80, 2013/14), 1 Sky Bet League One victory (2008/09). Leading us to Cup results, and 3 Carabao Cup number one accomplishments (1963/64, 1996/97, 1999/00), and 1 FA Charity Shield (1971). On a regional level, they also had some successes, yet in its early days. With 1 War League South win (1942), and 1 Wartime Midland Cup victory (1941).

Kit and colours

The kit and colour have deep roots in Leicester City. In fact, they even had the same colour for some season as Leicester Fosse F.C, and the colour of choice for the Club is royal blue and white. That has stuck with the team since the official launch year of 1919. And it has been minimal design changes as well, where the colour combination basically only changes place from the shirt, shorts, and socks. And, likely, the home colours will never change. For the away and third kit 2019/20, the Club chooses to not officially have a third kit and say instead that they have 2 variations of the away kit. That is, black or dark grey, while the 2nd variation is pink.

Leicester City’s social responsibilities

To commemorate its former chairmen, Khun Vichai that tragedy perished in a fatal helicopter accident on October 27nd 2018, Leicester City founded the Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Foundation. With one goal, raise money to the less fortunate struck by a sudden life-changing event, and in need of support. Plus, the Club has taken its support on the road with the “LCFC Roadshow.” Where they show support to all verticals off football from the large event down to school level.

Stadiums and capacity

The King Power Stadium has had plenty of names before the current one got assigned. And were once known as the Walkers Stadium, but it also goes by the name Filbert Way from its early days. Plus, due to certain UEFA rules the stadium also sometimes refers to as the Leicester City Stadium. With its current size, the approved volume is an all-seated 32,313 capacity. However, in 2019 the Club announced plans to bring the stadium to the next level in a project to deliver a world-class sporting and events centre.

Leicester City transfers and rumours

Leicester City’s fan base

The Foxes, as the official supporter’s calls, have a loud voice and presence in the Club and its main partners. In fact, they manage to overrule a stadium name change in 2002. When the proposed “The Walkers Bowl” came to surface, which fans scoff at. And the Americanised name suggestion was dropped, and the “Walkers Stadium” came to bee instead. In any case, the Club has a great following live pitchside. Where roughly every match sees around 30,00 to 31,000 people. Meaning that the stadium almost works on full capacity.

Women football in Leicester City

The official branch of Leicester City’s women football is Leicester City Women Football Club. And should not get confused with the non-affiliated Leicester City Ladies Football Club. And the official extension has quite a good track record, with League wins like FA Women’s Midlands Division One (2015/16), Midlands Combination League (2007/08). But also walked away victorious from Unison East Midlands Premier (2006/07), Unison East Midlands Southern League (2005/06), and Leicestershire County League (2004/05)

Stakeholders and other financial interests in Leicester City

After the deadly outcome of the former owner, the Club has remained a family affair. With the main owner Aiyawatt (55%), Aimon (15%), Voramas (10%), Apichet (10%), and Aroonroong (10%). Besides the family holding the shares, the Clubs also has other partners like a global shipping company, multiple online gambling operator, and beverage manufacturer amongst others.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

Did you know that Leicester City has the record for the biggest League win in 1928 when they beat Sheffield Wednesday F.C with 10 to 0? Also, the same year the Club saw a record attendance on the then known Filbert Street stadium when 47,000 stood shoulder to shoulder watching the game against the Tottenham Hotspur F.C unfold. Although the Spurs walked away with a 3 to 0 victory, the moment is historic. As a bonus, did you know that statistically, the colour pink as kit colour is the third-best performing colour in the EPL when it comes to most goals scored per game? Maby it’s no coincidence that Leicester City has chosen just that colour for one of its away kit variations?