Crystal Palace

In the Croydon Borough, there is a London suburb that names Selhurst. Which is the hometown of the English Premier League Club, Crystal Palace. And if you always wondered where the Clubs name comes from, we are here to straighten that question mark flat out. For the Club as such, the early record tells us that the clubs name dates back to 1854. When the building, Crystal Palace building was re-erected that housed the great exhibition of the works of industry of all nations. More known as the “The Great Exhibition.” And its new home was in Penge Peak next to Sydenham Hill. Consequentially the area renamed to reflect the modern building, Crystal Palace. Though, it was not until 1861 the football Club took is first staggering steps as an amateur outfit. Yet, you are not here for a history lesson, so let us move on to more football specifics.

UEFA club coefficient ranking

On the official UEFA coefficient ranking, Crystal Palace doesn’t make the cut. Due to an insufficient amount of games played that count towards the point system. However, on a UK level, the team positions around the mid to the lower middle section. Although, even if the Club lacks adequate results to situate themselves in a better position. They still have plenty of achievements worth to take a closer look at.

How many times have Crystal Palace won the Premier League title?

You are more likely to have already figured out that the Club still chase the dream of lifting the English Premier League (EPL) trophy. In fact, so far for the last 5 years, the Clubs has hovered between finishing positions 10 to 15. Still, they had a brief season of success in the predecessor to the EPL, the First Division when they grabbed the 3rd place in the 1990/91 season. So, let us instead continue further down the ladder and see precisely when Crystal Palace has Celebrated its victories.

Titles, Trophies, and Triumphs by Crystal Palace

After scouring the Clubs records, it’s quite evident; the prime era was in the early days of the Club. However, there are some modern moments when the Club shined brighter than others. For instance, they have 2 Second-tier wins (1978/79, 1993/94), that do day is Sky Bet Championship. And 1 Third-tier win (1920/21), that plays today as the Sky Bet League One. Other League titles are as following 1 Southern League Division Two (1905/06). 1 Football League South D Division (1939/40), and 1 Football League South Regional League (1940/41). But also 1 Football League South Regional League champion title (1940/41), and finally 1 Football League Division Three South win (1945/46). Plus 3 noticeable Cup wins, Zenith Data Systems Cup (1991) and 2 FA Youth Cup trophies (1977, 1978) to their name.

Kit and colours

You might recognise the colour combination of claret, blue, and white? Well, from the official start as a professional football Club in 1905, Crystal Palace actually got hand-me-downs from Aston Villa. That they more or less kept in different designs as a home colour until 1937. After that year the first introduction of red and blue saw day for the season 1937/38. Only to try out a black and white combination for 3 seasons. But to return to a mixed bag of claret, blue, yellow, black, and white between 1949 to 1973. When they finally established the red and blue, as home colour. And for the away and third kit (2019/20), they have chosen to keep the home colours with a twist. Away is predominant black with splashes of red and blue while the third kit is heavily white with the same attribute as the away kit.

Crystal Palace’s social responsibilities

As any Club in the EPL, Crystal Palace also involves themselves in community-reach out projects and programs. One of them is the “Palace for life” foundation. That aims to guide and empower the youth in surrounding areas through sports. Simply put, steer troubled youth to a better life path and make better choices. Plus, the Club frequently organises soccer clubs to keep the youngster occupied during public school holidays, and this is just some of the community activities. All in all, the Club has many initiatives in progress or in the planning stage that any fan can take part in.

Stadiums and capacity

Selhurst Park is the place to be if you want to see Crystal Palace take on its competition in the EPL. That currently take on crowds as big as 26,000 people. Although, in 2018, they made it public that expansion would happen to increase the capacity to 34,000. And according to the Club, the plans are still very much alive. Which should reach its £100 Million re-developments before the season 2021/22 kicks-off. However, there is still some speculation that the plans might fall through, due to uncertain ownership.

Crystal Palace transfer and rumours

Crystal Palace’s fan base

The “Eagles” as they like to get called since 1973 is the official name of the supporters to the Club. In fact, the “Eagles” have on many occasions got tribute for being the loudest and noisiest fan group in the entire EPL. And for being a mid-position Club in the League, the support stretches well across the globe. With an official presence on 5 of the 7 continents. As well, the Club has gone all out to reach all types of segments, with apps and Palace Tv in place. Plus, tailor-made membership subscriptions with many perks associated with the Club.

Women football in Crystal Palace

The official branch of women’s football started as Crystal Palace Ladies in 1992. That later got a change in 2019 to Crystal Palace F.C (Women). This to fit into the evolving climate and rise of women’s football in the UK. The current home arena for the women is the Hayes Lane, this after finding an agreement with Bromley back in 2014. As for now, the team plays in the FA Women’s Championship, which is the 2nd level of the women’s division in the UK.

Stakeholders and other financial interests in Crystal Palace

In broad strokes, the Club is own by a split trio of private businessmen controlling the major part of the Club. Also part of the organisation and financial contributors we find a major energy drink company, sportsbook operator, and a crypto assets investment platform, amongst others. Plus, they also have some well-known local partners as well, like GambleAware.

Fun facts and other pub quiz trivia

Did you know that Crystal Palace did go by the nickname, Glaziers? That according to history, came to be due to the re-located building Crystal Palace and its appearance. Another fact to sticking your pocket is that the Club is the only team that got relegated after finishing in bottom 4th. Due to the structural change in the League, when the number of the competing team got reduced from 22 to 20 in 1994/95 season.