Premier League

Most people know that the Premier League is the highest-ranking seasonally structured football competition in England. And it’s easy to think that this prestige filled League goes way back in time and steeped in traditions. But it might come as a surprise, that despite its world-wide coverage, the League as we know it today is fairly new. Although, as football considers the nations national sport by many in the UK. It’s only natural that it grew this quick in such a short period of time. So want to get a fast load-out and some history and fun facts like top goal scorers of all time, then you are in the right place. Lean back and bask yourself in maybe some new facts, but also some “what?” moments.

Quick history

As old as football is in England you quickly draw the conclusion that the Premier League also date back in time. However, if you are not a full-fledged football fan you might just not know that the League only dates back to 1992 and its official kick-off date August 15th. This after lengthy discussions with all involved parties like football officials, broadcasters and the players themselves, the former First Division clubs bid farewell. And the Premier League was born. Fast forward in time, and 2018/2019 season marked the 27th time the teams face-off, in the now worldwide audience event. And across its 26 seasons, we have enjoyed some truly historic football moments, and outstanding players pass through. As such, the League will keep resonating with not only the UK but the rest of the world.

Premier League Table

How many teams include in Premier League

From its start in 1992/93, it was actually 22 different clubs competing in the then newly formed League. However, it only took a couple of seasons for it to change its structure. And in 1994/95 season the decision was to reduce the number to 20. Effectively marking the last season, four team’s had to step down and compete in the Championship. And since number 20 seems to be a winning recipe, there are no expectations that this will change any time soon.

A season of Premier League

So how is a full season played in the Premier League? The official kick-off month is August that culminates in May the following year. Hence you will see a season name as 2019/2020. In fact, the 2019/2020 season is going to have its own page in the history books. As this will be the first time, the teams will have a 10-day winter break in February. However, the officials are referring to it as “mid-season player break.” Anyhow, back to the season and its structure. Basically, all the 20 teams need to play each other 2 times. Also known as a double round-robin system. Which means team 1 plays against team 2 at their home stadium once. Then team 1 play once more against team 2, but at their home arena. After applying some quick math, it means that each team plays 38 games in total in one season.

Who owns the League?

On a team basis, the clubs might be directly linked either to a person or company. But the Premier League as a whole is actually owned by the 20 clubs. Which are in the League at any given time, referred to as “Member Clubs.” As such, all 20 teams or clubs are therefore shareholders in the organisation body of the Premier League. But how does it work with the constant replacement of the bottom teams? An annual general meeting takes place every year, at the end of every season. Where the transferred clubs down to the Championship simply hand over its shares to the clubs that moving up. Then when it’s time to make decisions in the boardroom, each “Member Club” gets one vote. And for a rule change or other League, essential decisions to take effect it needs to carry a majority of 14 clubs.premier league

Premier League competition champions

Devoted fans will not find this surprising, but the team that can call themselves champions of Premier League is Manchester United. In fact, this club has so far taken home the trophy 13 times in the past 26 seasoned played. All in guidance from Sir Alex Ferguson. But what’s more impressive, they are the only club that houses a hat-trick title in Premier League wins. Other noticeable achievements or wins of you like to call it that is Arsenals’ fewest defeat in a season, that actually was 0 in 2003/04. And Chelsea’s 86 unbeaten home matches, 21st February 2004 to 26th October 2008.

Extraordinary moments in Premier League

Did you know that the first-ever goal scored in the Premier League was in 5 minutes after the match between Sheffield United and Manchester United started? And the man to carry the title first goals scorer is Brian Deane. But he also connected to the net again in the 50th minute taking home the win for Sheffield United with a result of 2-1.

Top goal scorers and record keepers in Premier League

The current leader of top goalscorer is Alan Shearer’s 260 goals. Coming in on second place, but far from the leader is Wayne Rooney with his 208 goals. Which leads us to the third and final podium position Andrew Cole and his 187. Other records that are going to be hard to rival are biggest home win, Manchester United versus Ipswich Town 9-0, or biggest away win Southampton versus Leicester City 0-9. And the list would not be complete if we didn’t mention the highest-scoring match, Portsmouth against Reading, that ended with a mind-boggling 7-4 in September 29th 2007.

Live viewership and the home audience

Recent reports from Premier League shows that season 2018/2019 hold and average live attendance of around 40,000. However, the gap between clubs is massive. Where the lower end indicates a figure around 11,000. While the top performers manage to draw crowds of around 70,000. And the total average tells us that as a whole the stadiums work at a 95% capacity. As well, the same reports tell us that the whole world is tuning in to the events, around 180 countries in fact. Which was roughly distributed to over 1 billion homes or devices. And looking at previous records, the number will keep on increasing as the League grows in popularity.

Can you place bets on Premier League?

Without a doubt, this League is one of the more covered ones when it comes to sports betting. Where you will find all possible betting combinations. All from the basic 1×2 or win draw win to more precise markets like scorecast and wincast. As such, placing your bets is both easy and widely adopted by any UK sportsbook. In essence, any operator new or established will always carry a broad selection of odds, of UK’s favourite pastime.