Goal scorers

We already covered a large portion of different bets focusing on the overall team performance. And when it comes to football, one of the more exciting and longer-standing bets in a single match has to be, goal scorers. What we mean about that, this bet type has the potential to be active up till the very last second of a match. As such, it has become a really popular option to add as a single event. Just imagine, that your bet slips so far has proven to be a bust. And by having a bet on goal scorers essentially means that you still have the opportunity to rake in some rewards and keep the excitement going until the referee blows the whistle. But despite popular beliefs, this type of bets comes in a decent variation and predictions to partake in.

Pick the right book

As hinted before, there are many ways to get some action on goal scorers. And does this sounds like something that you would bet on? In that case, let us explain how you can incorporate goal scorers to your betting portfolio. First of all, all bookmakers in the UK will have this or a variation of this market available. Which will be on offer both in pre-match and during live betting. However, you are going to see a difference in the number of names and variation. And it all depending on the size of the sportsbook itself. In comparison, a well-established sports betting operator might have the complete line-up, with odds on first goal scorer, last goal scorer, and even not to score. While smaller sports betting brand only offer the top positions in variation “to score.” Therefore, planning on betting on goal scorers, pick your sportsbook before you bet. Read more about all kind of betting types on footballbettingtips.com.

In it to win it or increase the pay-out

There is a couple of ways to include goal scorers to your repertoire. One of them is simply looking at the odds and position the player has. As there is no doubt that a Striker or centre forward is more likely to hit the net then a full-back. Consequently, the odds on a Striker will be likely to be priced lower in comparison to the full-back. So, backing a player expected to get the goals for the team are, in some sense, less risk. Although, you still can increase the odds by placing a more precise bet on said player. Say, for instance, the “striker” has the odds 10/13 to score. But if you drill it down to be more explicit, let say to score the last goal. Then all of a sudden you can get odds of 7/2 on the same player.goalscorers

More than one way to win on goal scorers

Indeed, as you are starting to explore the possible alternatives offered by the different bookmaker. You are going to find options like a player to Score 2 or more goal in one match or even a player to score in both halves. That is to say, it all depends on your preference and the way you like to place your bets. However, the more used option when it comes to this type of bet is the first goalscorer.