First goalscorer

Reading this how-to guide will get you a full understanding of how to use the bet type first goalscorer to work in your benefit. The general concept of this bet type is straight forward and comes with little restrictions. In fact, you as the punter has more safety nets in place should special circumstances occur. Which of course, we will explain. After all, in some cases, the wording surrounding betting rules can be very formal and hard to understand. However, to give you the best chance of bag your first bet, we will explain them in layman’s terms. So, get ready to be amazed at rules talking in your favour.

The second goal can be the first

First of all, the market simply means you need to predict what player that will connect to the net first, and that’s all to it. But, there are still some general guidelines you should memorise before placing a bet on the first goalscorer. This might sound obvious, but should your pick or any other player for that matter score in its own goal it will not count as the first goalscorer. As such, technically, the second goal in these circumstances will count as the first goal. Also, keep in mind, the player tribute to the goal that day is the official standing for this bet type. Which means, should a different verdict surface after a review panel looked at the footage at a later stage, the original settlement will stand.

A non-starter

Another rule that talks in your advantage are if your pick doesn’t start or is subject for substitution. First, if your player doesn’t have the opportunity to be the first goalscorer, as in not started from the kick-off. And another player makes the first goal before your pick is on the pitch the bet is void. Second, if your pick makes the game before the end and substitutes for another player and no first goal scored, the bet will stand. All in all, as long as your pick has the opportunity to be the first goalscorer, the bet is live. Keep in mind; this is common rules adopted by any serious bookmaker in the UK. Which means no matter the sports betting provider, you expect to see this general framework in place.first goalscorer

Added feature by some bookmakers

Selecting your bookmaker carefully can in many cases be a winning decision. Especially if you are planning on placing bets on the first goalscorer. Where many but far from all are offering bet insurance on this particular market. Although this type of insurance comes in many shapes, the two most adopted once are lower odds and stake refund. To explain, say that you pick makes the second goal you will still get a small win to much lower odds. Or you can in some cases get the whole stake returned. However, as explained, it’s not all bookmakers that always have this option available on this market. As you can see, betting on the first goalscorer comes with a lot of advantages. On that note, let us explore Asian handicap and how it works.