Draw no Bet

Is basically a fancier word for a 2-way market that only offers payout on a home team win or the away team. And you might remember where we previously covered the 1×2 or win draw win. Where we explained what the 1, X, and 2 stood for. Now imagine that we simply remove the X factor, as such you end up with a market offering only 1 and 2. And there are many ways you as a punter can benefit from using this bet type. But also, make no mistake the bookmaker will also use this in their favour. So, before deciding on either backing your bet with a 1×2 or a draw no bet structure, comparing them both is paramount. And we will explain why you should think twice before clicking on the submit button on your bet slip.

I see no real difference

The two different options might not seem that different to you. Especially if you are just getting the ball rolling on football betting. However, there is a huge difference in play. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s explain the core function of the draw no bet. As briefly mentioned. First, with this bet type, you are removing a nominator from the equation. In this case, the draw (x), leaving only the win (1), win (2) decision left to make. Second, as the name of the bet type say indirectly. Should the game end up in a draw, the bet gets cancelled, or void in sports betting terms. Which means your stake will get refunded to its fullest. So, in other words, draw no bet, you could instead say, draw money back. Are you with us, so far? Good, let us get down to some more specifics then.

Sounds like a no-brainer to me

So, why even bet on the 1×2 market in the first place when you in the draw no bet has a higher winning percentage. Well, the biggest reason for picking the different options are the odds. To explain, say that you place a bet on 1 on the normal 1×2 market, you might get and odds of, let’s say 11/50. But should you instead place a bet on the same match and team on the draw no bet market your odds have now decreased exponentially. And you could end up with a odds of something like 1/22. For the explanatory purpose, let put that in money value. Say that you place a £20 bet on the normal 1×2 market you look at a potential win of £24.40. On the other hand, the same stake but on draw not bet you are looking at a significantly smaller win of only £21.00.draw no bet

An option to get you going

Indeed, before making your mind up on this bet type, you need to consider a couple of things. While the return on your stake might be lower. By starting placing bets on this market might just be the thing you need to do to get comfortable amongst all odds. Face it, winning is more fun than losing, not that we say you are going to win all the time with the draw no bet, you just stand a higher percentile chance to do so. However, if you are certain or have a gut feeling of a specific outcome. And are willing to add that extra level of risk versus reward, bet on the 1×2 market instead. Now that you have added a new bet type to your wealth of sports betting knowledge, should we explore and understand a new one, Clean sheet?