Double Chance

Finding new bet types is all about to enhance your sports betting experience. And by adding and master a new category or market can feel exhilarating. But what more, winning after you implemented a new bet type is even more fun. And by incorporating a double chance bet structure, you increase your winning potential a lot. However, by adopting this bet, you need to be aware of the consequences that follow with it. Sure, you are standing a better chance to bring home a win. But the cost of doing so will suffer your payouts. Although winning is the key factor you need to focus on when placing a double chance bet. And you have to think of the long game versus the instant reward. With that in mind, let’s examine this bet type and add it to your toolbox.

A win-win or win-draw outcome

First of all, let’s dissect the double chance bet, and how you actually win on it. Basically, a double chance structure covers 2 out of the 3 outcomes in a 1×2 market and match. And here is the 3 possible way a double chance bet can pan out and put the coin into your pocket. First, the home team (1) win or draw (x). Second, away team (2) win or draw (x) the match. The third and final outcome would, therefore, be the home team (1), and away team (2) win the game. In other words, placing a 1x, or 2x, or 1,2 on your bet slip would count as a win. As you can see. The combinations are few and predicting the outcome in comparison to a 1×2 bet is fairly easy. But, how much of a hit do the potential winnings take? Let’s give you some examples.double chance

A single slip with win-draw and win-win outcome

For the exercise, we will keep the stake at £10 on each bets slip and example. So a win-draw that you place a £5 on a single event and outcome 1 with the odds 7/5. And £5 on an x result to the 27/10 odds, by which are in the same coupon. As such total stake is £10 and potential winnings are £30,50. Or a win-win with £5 on 7/5 on 1 and £5 on 2 to a 7/4 odds, you are looking at a win of £25,75. In total that would count up to a potential win of £56. Now that we know the outcome of single placed bets, let us check out the other option. And what you could expect to get in risk versus reward.

A double chance with win-draw and win-win outcome

Keeping the same value, but now on a double chance coupon. So, instead of splitting the stake into two. The whole amount of £10 is on a win-draw or 1x to odds of 4/9. Giving you a total win of £14.70. Or place the £10 on 1,2 or win-win that offers the odds 2/7. Which will result in a much lower return of £12,90. That summarises to £27,6. That’s a whopping £28,4 less in return. In theory, it means that to get the same winning amount on a 1x double bet slip as a 1x single slip, you would need to put down £20,75 in stake, or £19,96 on win-win double chance bet coupon. However, placing a bet like this is by no means a losers bet. In fact, quite the contrary, it’s good for your long term betting plans. As we touch on in the intro.