Copa America

The South American Football Confederation is the organisation and overseeing body that taking care of the biggest football event on the continent, Copa America. However, it was not until 1975 it adopted the name we know today. By which is the top competition for men’s football in South America. As the overseeing body, they govern all professional football in the region. That is one of the six continental confederations under FIFA’s ruling. Yet, Copa America is not only limited to teams residing in South America. Where special guest invites happen to teams outside the borders. That includes teams from North America and even Asia, this to fill out the 12 slot tournament format. On that note, let’s explore the cup a bit further.

Quick history

Many countries and tournaments like to title themselves as the “oldest in the World.” Although, it always argues from different angles with different supporting documentation. Yet, the cup is definitely one of the oldest football competition in the South Americas. Where records stretch to 1910 where the first mention is. But, for an official tribute, the year 1916 is widely accepted amongst football scholars to be the accurate inaugurating year. When Copa America in tandem with the celebration of Argentinas hundredth anniversary of independence went down. That concluded the nations Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, and of course the host nation, Argentina. That Uruguay won by points after played against Argentina in a 0-0 draw finale.

How many teams include in Copa America?

A regular season of the Copa America normally includes 12 teams. Starting with 10 teams from the continent. That includes Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Chile. But also Ecuador, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, and Paraguay, to mention the core. Yet, as already mentioned, from 1993, Copa America invited other teams to compete. Meaning that, besides the teams from the continent. The cup has included the USA, Japan, Jamaica, and Haiti to mention a few. As such, you can truly say that this cup is a cross-border affair.

A season of Copa America

The 2019 season was the last edition, for now, that plays on an odd year. And from 2020, the Copa America will fall in line with the UEFA European Championship Calendar. And play on even years instead. Meaning that the tournament will see a back-to-back season. Yet, that’s not the only change in the history of the event. Where it literally been all over the map, with a two-year rotation and a three-year schedule. Even a four-year Calendar has occurred. Plus, the cup as such has seen some major none played year as well. So, if the latest information is accurate and precise, the Copa America is back to be a quadrennial competition. Plus, it’s scheduled for its 48th edition in 2024. Although, with the chequered past of the tournament, it’s far from certain that this will be the final structure for the cup.

Who owns the League?

The South American Football Confederation is the heart of the operations, that’s for sure. But, as you know a diamond has many facets. And make no mistake, the Copa Americas is worth hundreds of million £. Where some of the largest car manufacturers, credit card, and other big companies headlined as the main sponsor. Alongside a huge sports event company that holds broad-casting rights. Making the Copa America one of the more wanted partners to work with in the world of top competitive football.

Copa America competition champions

If we would include history as far back as 1910 and the early era. The first position splits between Uruguay and Argentina with 14 wins each. So to really find a competition champion we need to start from the official date 1975. And grabbing the gold is Brazil with 6 wins (1989, 1997, 1999, 2004, 2007, 2019). Followed by 4 wins from Uruguay (1983, 1987, 1995, 2011). With Argentina in the third place with 2 wins (1991, 1993). This together with Chile that also outplayed the competition on 2 occasions in its back to back win (2015, 2016). Other than the multiple time winners the cup has also been won by single time winners Peru (1975), Paraguay (1979), and Colombia (2001).copa america

Extraordinary moments in Copa America

One of the more memorable moments we need to look at the complete structure, including the early days. Where Argentina has made it to the final and astonishing 28 times. Although, we already know the ratio of wins against games played. It’s a record that will endure for a long time. With no intent to sound like a broken record. But it would be unethical not to mention the landslide victory Argentina had in 1942. When they found the net on 12 occasions against Ecuador’s 0.

Top goal scorers and record keepers in Copa America

To sum up, the Copa America all-time leading Goal scorers is not a clear cut case of one winner. Not even the second position is held by one player. In fact, it’s only in third place we find one winner. So, in the first position, we have Norberto Méndez and Thomaz Soares da Silva with 17 goals. And taking on the second place is Lolo Fernández and Severino Varela with 15 goals. Leading us to the third-place holder Paolo Guerrero and his 14 recorded scored goals.

Live viewership and the home audience

It might not come as a surprise that football is the largest viewed sport in South America. After all, they have produced some of the most influential footballers in the world. That only needs an introduction with a single name. Like Pelé, Maradona, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and Messi to mention a few. And when it comes to viewership the cup it even rivals the FIFA World Cup. Where reports show that billions of people either tune in or watch the event live. Which tells us, South America takes its football on a serious level, no matter where they are in the world.

Can you place bets on Copa America?

After reading the article, do you still doubt if there are any bets to place? Well, then you need to read the article more thoroughly. With such a huge fan following and interest from sponsors. It would be unthinkable for any bookmaker to not include the cup in its offering. As such you will find all bet types. Either during or for games leading up to the event live on any sports betting operator. So the answer to the question, “can you place bets” it’s a resounding yes.