Cornet Bet

Corner Bet is a very interesting betting type. If you think that corners in football are pure lucky or unlucky, depending on what team you cheering on. In fact, in many cases, achieving a corner is a calculated action the attacking team took. Plus the same thing can apply to the defending team. It all comes down to circumstances there and now. However, a corner bet could be a brand new market to new punters. Although, this particular market might not be in the spotlight as much as other offerings. It can still be a very lucrative way to place your bets. Do we have your attention now? In that case, shall we dive into the world of corner bets, and let’s see if it’s something for you.

Corner Bet – Not excited, think twice

At first reflection, this market might not sound that exciting, but we beg to differ. As there is much more to a corner bet then simply bet on the number of corners in a match. Although the mention option is widely in use, it’s far from the only option you got when checking the market corner bet. And one of the top-ranking options amongst punters is a 3-way corner bet. But, it has to get said, the 3-way corner bet is not always on offer from all bookmakers. Anyhow it’s a fairly basic and easy to understand sports betting market. Basically, the bookmaker gives you 3 option. Do you think that there is going to be more than X or less than X number of corners in the match? Or is the X the exact number in total after the match come to completion?

The total corners 2-way market is everywhere

In the same fashion as the 3-way market works, but with one small difference. And yes you guessed it, you only need to predict if the number is higher or lower than stated by the bookmaker. Which usually breaks up into 3 different categories total corners, home team corners, and away team’s corners. Quick and easy to understand, plus a relative easy bet to bring home, which usually reflects on the odds as well. However, most bookmakers have this broken down even further. And offer odds on such thing as will the home team have more corners than the away team. Or another corner bet can be is the total number of corners going to end up in odd or an even number.corner bet

Elapsed time bet type

A straight forward type of corner bet. And it’s precisely what it says on the tin. The bookmaker gives you time intervals with a number of corners in the first 10 minutes, 20 minutes and so on. And once again, it’s all about to predict if the number will be greater or smaller what the sports betting operator think. All in all, this market is fast, and fun to incorporate in your live betting. In the end, the combination associated with cornet bet has grown in popularity in recent year. Due to the fact of the introduction of automatic trading, also known as algorithmic trading. Meaning, more markets get odds faster and sad to say, more precise than manual trading. As such, finding cornet bet exciting and something suited for you, then it’s plenty to choose from.