Clean Sheet

When you are looking around on sports betting operator and its odds offering. You sometimes going to stumble upon an odds called clean sheet. But what is it and how can you get going placing a bet or two on that market. In fact, this bet type is one of the less complicated in structures. And only looking at the name, clean sheet, you can kind of figure out how it works. However, finding a bookmaker caring this type of bet can in some cases be harder than to understand the bet itself. And it’s more likely that you are going to find it on big brand names, like the ones, we endorse here on site. So, let’s get down to business on the specifics and see if you like this style of betting.

Keep the ball away from me

In its very essence, placing this bet is all about no letting the ball past the two goalposts after 90 minutes have elapsed. As such, this structure comes down to a 2-way market. Yes, team X will keep a clean sheet, or, no team X will not keep a clean sheet. In other words, will team X keep the ball from connecting to its own net, yes or no, quite simple, right? Although, there is plenty of parameters to take into consideration before placing a bet of this type. For instance, what playstyle do the teams have, are they offensive or defensive? Or are previous matches between them both produced a lot of goals? Hence teams’ playstyle and track record can have a huge impact on said bet type. Therefore, knowing your football and history will contribute a lot before making a decision.clean sheet

Good goalkeeping

Of course, you can dribble facts and statistics as much as you want. But if the goalkeeper is not on top of his game that day, it all can come crashing down in an instance. Also, is the team equally measuring up? Let’s say in an FA Cup match? As we explained when we were talking about Asian handicap. When goals needed to be pre-given to equal the teams out. However, finding a clean sheet bet that ties down to an Asian handicap can prove to be difficult. And should you find one, you are more likely to get offered a very low odds on the lower-ranked team to keep the zero. On the other hand, putting down a yes could be highly rewarding in relations to the stake. In the end, some bet types may rely on statistics. Yet, special occurrences happen when you least expect them.

From 45 to 90

If you can’t, endure sitting on the edge of your seat for the whole 90 minutes after placing a clean sheet bet. An option that could work is to bet on a similar bet type to clean sheet like half time/full time, results, or both teams to score. Which as we already know is very similar to covered topic. What we are saying is, find the best type that speaks to you and what you feel completely comfortable with.