Both teams to score

If the one thing you want to see when watching your favourite football team play against its arch-nemesis is no other than goals for your team, then you might want to step away from this bet type. And instead put your money on a 1×2 bet, also known as win draw win. As indicated by the title, this bet type is all about celebrating the ball hitting the net. In fact, you want both teams to score at least once to rake in the rewards. The market we are talking about is, of course, both teams to score or BTTS as its commonly known by odds traders and industry experts. So why would you place a bet on both teams to score and is the odds worth your time? Let’s see what option and risk versus reward you can expect from this type of bets.

The statistic could be an indicator

Now, placing a bet on both teams to score comes with little preparation from your part. Although, if you are a statistic person, you can always dig back in past team encounters to get and an indication. As history shows, matches ending up in a draw is not that uncommon when it comes to football in the English Premier League. And should we look a bit at statistics, the 2018/2019 season showed that 2-0 happen at 17.6%. And that 2-1 was the outcome 16.3% of the time. Closely followed by 1-0 at 14.5% of all the matches. However, some interesting number on the subject, both teams to score is that 58.3% of all goals first came after the second half kicked off. In fact, there were only 21 matches ending in full time with 0-0 during the same season. Get you thinking, right?both teams to score

Bet with knowledge

When placing a bet on both teams to score, you are more likely to win by playing the odds. What do we mean about that? Simply put your personal feeling aside and look at what the bookmaker believes is going to happen. Are there going to be goals yes or no? If the sports bet operator thinks that both teams to score is yes to and odds of 2/5. While a no is on offer for an odd of 15/8 go for the yes. Sure, they might be off with some fractions. But this bet type is heavily relying on past matches and current form of both teams. As such, playing the odds are usually a good strategy. However, this type of bets is a tool most effectively used while placing live bets. In the end, team performance can drastically change from game to game. Or even minute to minute. To get better knowledge its always a good idea to read the predictions at

Go for goal

As we hinted before, when placing this bet type, some research can make a difference, but also not. It all depends on the team’s current goal, scoring capabilities. Whatever the case may be, this market is highly exciting, especially if the winner makes little to no difference for you, all you want to see is goals to get that gold. Which leads us to a different odds type in the same category, total goals over/under 2.5 goals.