Asian Handicap

Hearing your betting friends talk about Asian Handicap like it was the most common thing to include in the bet slip? And are you tired of not understand what the whole thing is all about? Well, in that case, do we have some good news for you. As you are about to get Asian Handicap explained to you. So if you like to stop looking like a question mark when the subject comes up. We suggest you take a moment to get it all ironed out. In fact, once you have the quite straight forward, betting method figured out. You are actually going to say to yourself, “this was not so complicated that I thought.” On that note, let’s see what the fuzz is all about. And with a new bet type to add to your arsenal, you be betting like an expert before you know it.

Entering a new world

But, before we kick things off, we like to give you a heads up. If you still struggle with the more self-explanatory bets, we propose to get a handle on those first. Anyhow, here we go. Basically, Asian Handicap is in place to put unequal teams on a more common starting point. For instance, say that in The Football Association Challenge Cup a Premier League team is to play against a League Two team. The odds on a 1×2, also known as win draw win on that the Premier League team to win would most definitely be 1/100. Which then suddenly makes this type of bet unattractive, following us so far? And here is where the Asian Handicap comes into play. Essentially, experts assess both competitors and adjust the scoreline. In other words, they subtract or add goals to balance the competitors as close to 50/50 as possible.

Sound a lot like handicap betting to me

Well, that’s because it’s very similar to a normal handicap bet. However, there is one important difference between the two. Let’s take the same example as above. The Premier League team (1) prices at 3/10 for a win, 9/2 in case of a draw, and 8/1 fort the League Two team (2) to win. An easy win for team 1, right? But what Asian Handicap does make possible is to rais the odds on team 1 to win, let say to 4/5 with -1 goal from the start. Which means that your bet counts as a win if team 1 wins with at least 2 goals. On the other hand, you bet settle as a loss if they draw or lose, makes sense? But the thing setting Asian Handicap apart from a normal handicap bet. If team 1 wins with only 1 goal, the stake returns to your account.asian handicap

The basics are clear

So what do you say, doesn’t sound too complicated. The answer to that is both a yes and no. The basic understanding is fairly easy to grasp. However, this bet type can quickly seem complicated when you start including all verticals in the bet type. Which include such things as total half-lines and quarter-lines. Although the concept is the same throughout. So next time you stumble across an Asian Handicap, you actually understand how it works. Good luck and have fun experimenting with the new tool at your disposal. Read about more betting types here.