1×2 tips also known as win draw win

The backbone of any sportsbook operation and odds offering is the 1×2 market. As popular this option is amongst players, the same can get said about the name of this bet type. Although you are more likely to see the different bookmakers call it 1×2. You are still going to stumble across a different description of this market. Which will include match-winner, 3-way market, win draw win, or full-time result. Hence it can be somewhat confusing for a new player deciding giving sports betting a try. But in the end, they all mean the same. And whatever you or the operators prefer to call it, this bet type is simple and easy to understand. As such, if you are completely new to sports betting, we recommend you to start your bookie career with this bet type, it’s all about learning the basics.

Understand the market

First of all, to understand what we are talking about, let’s explain the building blocks of a 1×2 also known as win draw win. For the sake of argument, let’s pretend you want to place a bet on your favourite football team on Saturdays Premier League match. Plus, with its relatively simple structure, this bet type is always available both in pre-match and live betting. As such, you are going to see this bet type on all bookmaker’s sports market. Also, this is the most commonly used bet type when signing up for a new betting site that offers free bets for its new customers. On that note, let’s explain.1x2 also known as draw win draw win

1×2 in essence

The number 1 is representing the home team. Whilst the 2 stands for the away team. And yes you guessed it, the x is in some way representing the neutral ground or draw. So say that you see a 1×2 odds, where the experts believe the home team (1) has a bigger chance to win and are willing to give you 4/5 in odds. On the same token, they also predict that the match could end up in a draw (x) but less likely than a home team win, and priced that odds to 14/5. But the same expert also thinks that the away team (2) going to struggle to take home this particular match; therefore, they are willing to offer you a higher odd, say 3/1. As you can see, this bet is fairly simple to understand. And you don’t have to be a sportsbook wizard to understand it.

Guidelines to consider

In general, there is not many restrictions or if’s and but’s when it comes to this odds market. However, if nothing ells are states on the odds itself, the 1×2 end outcome needs to happen within normal game time. So let’s continue using football as the measuring stick. Which mean either the home team, away team or a draw has to happen before the 90 minutes is over. Which normally include the stoppage time, also known as injury time the referee adds. Additionally, it will not include penalties in case of a knockout competition, where a winner needs to be crowned. And that’s about how complicated this bet type is in comparison to other markets. Now when you know about this odds type, why not get up to speed with both teams to score, also known as BTS odds.